There are several ways you can contribute to the development of the Firebird project: All monies raised from subscriptions, donations and sponsorships enter a funds pool for allocation as grants to developers already active in the Firebird Project. Grants are decided by the Committee of the Firebird Foundation.

The Foundation issues formal receipts for every kind of payment: you need not ask explicitly for a receipt unless you fail to receive yours for some reason. Since these are PDF documents, sent as email attachments, please ensure that you provide a correct email address and that the email account is configured to accept PDF attachments.

Donations towards Code Development
Donate to Firebird Donations are freely-given contributions to our non-profit organisation and any amount is welcome. Contributions are not subject to any form of sales tax in any country. The Firebird Foundation Incorporated is not a registered charity and, in Australia, your donation is not tax-deductible. This does not preclude tax-deductibility in other countries.

Pay over the Internet directly by credit card (no need to have a PayPal account) or use your existing PayPal account. This is the preferred method for donations of US $800 or less.
Donate using Cards Alternative Credit Card

in UK Sterling, through the IBPhoenix shop interface. Donations can be made in one or more block amounts, starting at £50.00 GBP. Multiple amounts will be consolidated into a single payment.
Internet Bank-to-Bank Transfer Internet Bank-to-Bank Transfer

Available free of charges if your bank account or credit card is in the E.U. (Euros only) or Australia (AU dollars only). Click the button to request bank details. Don't forget to say whether you want Australian or European details.
Airmail a Cheque Airmail a Cheque

Mail an international money order or a company cheque with machine-readable account codes made out to "Firebird Foundation Inc." to our registered office in New South Wales, Australia. (Please cross cheques and mark Not Negotiable!)

NOTE: This is an easy method for people who don't like Internet transactions but processing fees make it unsuitable for small amounts in any currencies other than Australian.

If you can't read the address, click the image for full postal details.

Funded Works

The list of sponsors currently funding Firebird work is here. This has enabled the following developers to allocate extra hours, beyond their already substantial voluntary time, to key works for current and forthcoming releases:
  • Dmitry Yemanov, who is coordinating and doing significant amounts of code work on Firebird 1.5.x maintenance, Firebird 2.x development and Firebird 3. The Foundation supports Dmitry full-time.
  • Claudio Valderrama, who has taken on the role of scrutinising the code that developers commit to the CVS tree.
  • Alex Peshkov, who is working on security issues and also assisting Dmitry and others with coding and standardisation.
  • Vladyslav Khorsun, designing and developing in the core engine modules and cleaning up code in the Vulcan fork.
  • Adriano dos Santos Fernandes, spreading his talents between developing the new 'ICU' international language support systems and strengthening DSQL.
  • Pavel Zotov, who is developing QA load test systems, and Philippe Makowski, who is a tester and facilitator
  • Jiri Cincura, who develops and supports the .NET drivers for Firebird
  • Alexander Potapchenko, who develops and supports the Firebird ODBC driver
  • Mark Rotteveel, who develops and supports the Java drivers for Firebird
Additional sponsors are always welcome!
For more information about arranging a sponsorship, please jump to How to Become a Sponsor page.

As a company or personal donor, you will appear in the Donor list.