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Firebird is used by approximately 1 million of software developers worldwide. High compatibility with industry standards on many fronts makes Firebird the obvious choice for developing interoperable applications for homogeneous and hybrid environments.
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April 07, 2012
The Firebird JDBC team is happy to announce the release of Jaybird 2.2.0 beta-1.

This release contains the following changes:
  • Enhanced support for JDBC 4.0 (Java 6),
  • Support for JDBC 4.1 (Java 7) — including try-with-resources support,
  • Implementation of getGeneratedKeys(),
  • Enhanced support for the services API,
  • Support for 64 bit native libraries for Type 2 / Embedded,
  • A number of bug fixes.
The beta release is also available on Maven (*):

The artifactId depends on your target Java version: jaybird-jdk15, jaybird-jdk16 or jaybird-jdk17.

*) As this is the first release to Maven and we need manual authorization from Sonatype, it can take several days before the artifacts are really available on Maven.
March 28, 2012
Today Jiri Cincura announced 2.7.5 update of Firebird.NET — ADO.NET provider for Firebird SQL. More details.
March 27, 2012
The 3rd issue of Firebird SQL Newsletter was delivered to all subscribers yesterday. You can read it online here.

In order to subscribe to the Firebird SQL Newsletter, please fill out this form and then click on the link in the confirmation email.
March 20, 2012
Alexander Potapchenko is happy to announce that he has released the v.2.0.1 ODBC/JDBC driver for Firebird. What's New document, sources and binaries for Windows and Linux 32-bit and 64-bit are ready to download.
March 09, 2012
The Firebird Project team is happy to announce that the release candidate for Firebird 2.0.7 is ready for testing. This includes packages for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X platforms, as well as the source code tarball.

Please test as much as possible and report bugs and regressions to the firebird-devel mailing list.
January 31, 2012
New Firebird case study from wobe-systems GmbH, German software development house for the graphics industry. 
  • "...A production database of 100 GB and more containing BLOBs is nothing unusual at our customers sites..."
  • "...Firebird SQL server is at the core of our system helping our customers swift and safely through their daily work. Equipped with near zero administration and ample possibilities of scalability Firebird SQL database offers an operational reliability that does meet the requirements of industrial and time critical applications."
December 30, 2011
Yesterday the second issue of Firebird SQL Project newsletter was delivered to all subscribers. This issue includes announcements of official Firebird channels at YouTube and SlideShare, the full list of materials from Firebird Conference 2011, and also digest of recent community news. You can read the second issue online

We strongly encourage you to subscribe to Firebird SQL project newsletter in order to receive new issues in time.
December 19, 2011
Firebird Project is happy to bring you early Christmas gift packed as ADO.NET provider for Firebird version 2.7. This version brings important bug fixes and logging improvements.

This release wouldn’t be possible without support of people/companies using provider actively. Big thanks to them.

You can download it in the ".NET Provider" section of Downloads. Enjoy!
December 14, 2011
Special gifts for the new members of Firebird Foundation till December 31, 2011:
  • 3 *FREE* FB TraceManager Enterprise licenses (incl. 1 year subscription) for the next 3 members who either renew a VOTING membership or join as a VOTING member
  • 3 *FREE* FB TraceManager Standard licenses (incl. 1 year subscription) for the next 3 members who either renew an ASSOCIATE membership or join as an ASSOCIATE member
  • 3 *FREE* FBDataGuard licenses for the next 3 members who either renew a VOTING membership or join as a VOTING member
  • 3 *FREE* FBScanner 3 licenses for the next 3 members who either renew a VOTING membership or join as a VOTING member
(by "Renew membership" we mean memberships which were excluded from the list there

Hurry up — JOIN NOW, only 9 gifts for new VOTING members and 3 for new ASSOCIATE members of Firebird Foundation!
November 27, 2011
Firebird Conference 2011 is over. It was very intensive, bright and interesting. I would like to thank conference organizers, Sita Software, and personally Vincenzo Sita and Jas Madhur, for the great event and their hospitality. Also many thanks goes to sponsors, IBSurgeon, vendor of recovery and optimization tools, and IBPhoenix, Firebird support company, for their help in organizing conference.

More details, photos and impressions will be available in the next issue of Firebird Newsletter. Subscribe now if you are not subscribed yet!

Presentations and recordings from conference will be available in 2 weeks, stay tuned!
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