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Firebird is used by approximately 1 million of software developers worldwide. High compatibility with industry standards on many fronts makes Firebird the obvious choice for developing interoperable applications for homogeneous and hybrid environments.
News & Events
June 25, 2008
The Jaybird team releases Jaybird 2.1.5 bugfix release fixing a regression introduced in v.2.1.4 concerning Events on Linux.
June 20, 2008
Classic and Superserver kits for release candidate 1 field testing on MacOSX PowerPC platform are available.
June 17, 2008
The Firebird Team is pleased to make a release candidate available for field testing the first V.2.1.x patch release on Windows, Linux and MacOSX Intel platforms. Please test it hard and report any problems to the Firebird-devel list.
June 16, 2008
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