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Firebird is used by approximately 1 million of software developers worldwide. High compatibility with industry standards on many fronts makes Firebird the obvious choice for developing interoperable applications for homogeneous and hybrid environments.
May 16, 2014
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Firebird Conference 2014 and Firebird Tour seminar "All About Transactions"
International Firebird Conference 2014

The Firebird Project is pleased to announce Firebird Conference 2014: The most important international event devoted to Firebird. The Firebird Conference 2014 will be a meeting point for all Firebird users and developers of Firebird. It's the best place to share and receive Firebird knowledge!

The main sponsors of the Firebird Conference are IBPhoenix and IBSurgeon.

The Firebird Conference 2014 will take place on October 24-25, 2014, in Prague, Czech Republic.

Firebird Tour Seminar in Moscow, June 2, 2014

Firebird Project invites to the next "All About Transactions" seminar in the frames of Firebird Tour: next stop in Moscow, June 4, 2014.

More details are here (in Russian).

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The news below was collected from FirebirdNews site. You can periodically visit the site or subscribe to its RSS feed to keep up to date in almost real-time with all the news coming from the Firebird community.

Community News

[May 15, 2014] Firebird International Conference is officialy announced

Firebird Project is glad to announce Firebird Conference 2014: the most important international event devoted to FirebirdSQL. Firebird Conference 2014 will be a meeting point for all Firebird users and core developers of Firebird. It's the best place to share and receive FirebirdSQL knowledge!

Firebird Conference 2014 will be October 24-25, 2014, in Prague, Czech Republic, in Clarion Congress Hotel (see details about its location).

There will be 2 simultaneous flows in the conference, during 2 full days.

More details about the Conference can be found in

[May 15, 2014] #Node Firebird driver: node-firebird-libfbclient can be build and used on MacOS X

Latest version for Node C++ Module for Firebird from git can be build on MacOSX fixing Linking flags (against regular Firebird installation)

[May 12, 2014] Active Record Firebird Adapter for #Rails updated to version 0.8.8

Active Record Firebird Adapter 0.8.8 is updated with a few cleanups and fixes: Merge pull request from Ray Zane: Use @config instead of @connection_params. Fix sequence name limit.

[May 07, 2014] Ruby Firebird Extension Library — Fb bumped to version 0.7.1 with a few fixes

Version 0.7.1 is on RubyGems now. With following changes and bug fixes: Fix naive rounding logic affecting negative scaled values. Update for current rubygems, add license MIT like ar adapter, add rakefile. Fixes error: ‘isc_info_db_SQL_dialect’ undeclared (first use in this function) replaced in Firebird 3.0 and marked as deprecated from firebird 1.5.

[May 07, 2014] Sparx Systems — Enterprise Architect 11 uses Firebird

Sparx Systems now has a fully intergrated Firebird backend Database for its Enterprise Architect application

[May 02, 2014] Database .NET 11.2 released

Database .NET is an innovative, powerful and intuitive multiple database management tool, With it you can Browse objects, Design tables, Edit rows, Export data and Run queries with a consistent interface.

What's New (2014/05/02)
You're welcome to download the Database .NET right now at:

Free, All-In-One, Portable, Standalone (No Installation) and Multlanguage. Supported Platforms: Windows All (x86/x64)

[April 29, 2014] Database Workbench 4.4.6 released

Upscene Productions is proud to announce the next version of the popular multi-DBMS development tool: "Database Workbench 4.4.6 Pro". For more information, see here.
The Free Lite Editions will be released at a later stage. Database Workbench supports:
  • Borland InterBase (6.x - XE )
  • Firebird ( 1.x, 2.x )
  • MS SQL Server/MSDE ( 7, 2000, 2005, 2008, MSDE 1 & 2, SQL Express )
  • MySQL 4.x, 5.x
  • Oracle Database ( 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g )
  • Sybase SQL Anywhere ( 9, 10, 11 and 12 )
  • NexusDB ( 3.0 and up ) You like this news?
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[April 29, 2014] Firebird for Android may arrive soon

Alex Peshkov commented in the fb-devel list that he plans to start working in a port of Firebird 3 for Android right after FB 3 Beta 1 is released. Beta 1 is supposed to be out in this quarter.

[April 28, 2014] Firebird Classic 2.5.x with xinetd on Ubuntu/Debian systems

By default Firebird Classic package uses openbsd-inetd You can inspect the config cat /etc/inetd.conf the max number of connections per minute is 255 after nowait you can suffix this field with a period, followed by the maximum number of connections authorized per minute for example nowait.10000 localhost:gds_db stream tcp nowait.10000 firebird /usr/sbin/tcpd /usr/sbin/fb_inet_server

To switch to xinetd an easier to use and popular alternative sudo apt-get install xinetd

This will stop openbsd-inetd and will start xinetd alternative You can inspect it with cat /etc/xinetd.d/firebird25

There are a few issues with default config and it will be cleaned in the next firebird-classic package versions. A good config should look like this where i configured an unlimited numer of instances per source (also you can tweak the cps)

[April 27, 2014] Jaybird 2.2.5 is released

Download links and information on Jaybird wiki page

[April 24, 2014] Planning the Firebird v4.0 development

Dmitry Yemanov wrote on Firebird-Devel mailing list:

We're getting closer to the v3.0 feature freeze which is going to happen this summer. Everything roadmapped for v3 but not implemented before the deadline will be postponed. The next-after-v3 release is likely to incorporate most of the postponed features, but there may be new features as well. So it makes sense to start discussing what could and should be done in the next version(s). We have a few months to collect the proposals, discuss technical details and make estimates about the required efforts.

This message is the invitation to both project members and users who closely follow the development. If you want to discuss something for potentially including into the new version(s), feel free to do that in separate threads. Please be prepared to protect your opinion and discuss the details, simple votes "I like feature X" don't count. A tracker ticket for the feature request is appreciated, please add its URL to your post.

Just for the reference, the top-voted tickets can be found here in jira

The ongoing results of the planning stage will be published on our website and scheduled for the next version(s) by the project admins.

[April 23, 2014] Firebird Tour: seminar in Moscow, June 4, 2014

Firebird Project invites you to the next "All About Transactions" seminar in the frames of Firebird Tour: next stop in Moscow, June 4, 2014. More details are here (in Russian).

[April 23, 2014] Mezzanine 3.1.1 released and is stable with firebird driver for Django 1.6.x

Mezzanine 3.1.1 is released and is considered stable with firebird driver for Django 1.6.x Updated instruction for Firebird are here.

[April 23, 2014] Firebird backend for Django 1.6.x stable version released

Firebird backend for Django 1.6.x stable version (final) is released on pypi (now with wheel support)

[April 22, 2014] New Database Mirroring Product: CopyCat LiveMirror

Microtec is pleased to annonce a new product for Firebird database mirroring, called CopyCat LiveMirror. Based on our CopyCat replication engine, LiveMirror is a simple to use tool geared specifically towards setting up a mirror of your production database for failover / backup purposes. LiveMirror is easy to setup, reliable, and affordably priced at 49 EUR per licence.

For more information about LiveMirror, please have a look at our product page here.

[April 22, 2014] TurboBird 1.0.2 stable version is released

TurboBird 1.0.2 is released as a stable version Changes: Adding Auto commit option. Minor bug fixes

[April 17, 2014] Current status of the Firebird bugfixing : Tracker Roadmap

Here in Tracker is the current status of the Firebird bugfixing for the next releases Firebird 2.5.3 and Firebird 3.0 Beta 1

[April 16, 2014] Firebird Language basic Reference ready This Year

Paul Vinkenoog wrote on firebird docs list

This is just to let you know that I'm making time available for the Language Reference this year. I'm working on the DML chapter now, and I'm somewhere in the middle of the SELECT statement. All the others are finished (the other DML statements, that is — not the other chapters!)

I will do my utmost to have a "basic" Language Reference ready this year, i.e. possibly without all the details on Dialect 1 and other things that people can hopefully live without for a while (or grab the IB6 LangRef if they can't).

Once finished, updating it to Firebird 3 shouldn't be a hell of a job.

But it ain't finished yet.

[April 15, 2014] pyfirebirdsql Version 0.9.3 is released with alternate crypt support for Windows

pyfirebirdsql Version 0.9.3 is released with alternate crypt support for Windows and a few refactorings pyfirebirdsql is included now in FreeBSD ports collection

[April 15, 2014] ADO.NET provider for Firebird is ready

ADO.NET provider for Firebird is ready

[April 14, 2014] FirebirdSQL driver for Go (golang) with support for Firebird 3.0 Auth protocol (SRP)

Hajime Nakagami created a Firebird SQL driver for Go with support for Firebird 3.0 Auth protocol (SRP) in pure golang

[April 11, 2014] Redsoft Database (based on Firebird) used in GosLinux systems for FSSP

Management of Information Technology of the Federal Bailiff Service (FSSP) Russia announced a new phase of implementation of the free software and "import information technology" — the appearance of their own GNU / Linux distribution called GosLinux.

GosLinux distribution is based on CentOS 6.4 and created by "Soft Red" in 2013 after a win of the Russian company in the competition for revision, implementation and maintenance of automated information systems for FSSP Russia. In the server infrastructure of the territorial distribution of the FSSP Russia CentOS was used since 2012, and now all units bailiff service can use a specialized system, which received a FSTEC certificate at the end of March.

Among the major software components of the distribution used in the FSSP Russia, referred to the: Apache Tomcat application server and "Red Soft" database based on relational open source database Firebird. And another article here

ps: Sorry for google translation

[April 10, 2014] FB TraceManager V3.5.1 has been released

FBTM_V3_48x48 Upscene Productions is excited to officially release FB TraceManager V3.5.1!

This release adds support for pre-defined purge options of stored trace data. Minor issues have been fixed as well. More information is available here

Or also directly in the V3.5 what's new section of the online product documentation: 

More information on the product is available in the FB TraceManager section on our website, including an edition comparison sheet, webcasts etc. Thanks for your continued support.

[April 08, 2014] How to patch, build and debug PHP extension: PDO Firebird

Vjacheslav V. Borisov wrote a tutorial on how to build and debug PDO Firebird driver:

I noticed that there is too many bugs open and too few developers who can do the work. And even this list is almost dead. Don't know what is the cause of that, but may be it is just hard to start ? I recently written some patches for php — work, which I never done before. And i can say, this really not so hard, if you know C/C++ (or at least php?) and linux. Most troublesome work is to setup build environment, so i decided to write instruction how to patch, build and debug PHP extension, so may be more web developers can contribute to php.

[April 04, 2014] Advanced Solutions How to : Coordinating transactions for multiple connections in single call

Leyne, Sean asked on Firebird-devel (You can read in that thread the details about problem requirements and proposed solutions)

Consider a large database (200GB, large tables with 450 Million rows) which is running on a kick-a** server with pool of enterprise SSDs for storage (more IOPS then Firebird could ever use), which I need to extract data from on a regular basis throughout the day for use by an external BI system. During the business day, the database is Live with over 300 connections active with 1 million+ DB transactions. I need to extract the BI data as a true "snapshot" of data (ensuring FKs are valid), in as short a timeframe as possible. Because runtime is critical, I want to break the extract process into logical pieces and run each piece is a separate process/thread (with its own connection) (aka run in parallel).

[April 03, 2014] Firebird in Calligra Office Suite discussion on calligra devel list

Discussion was on kde.devel.calligra there is a need for Firebird driver implementation in Kexi in the future. Any contributors for the new kexi driver?

[April 03, 2014] Java needed to run LibreOffice Base Database? No with Firebird SQL

You can try to use the Firebird Database within LibreOffice which doesn't need Java. This feature is still marked as experimental. Firebird Databases are available since LibreOffice 4.2. (see the release notes for further information To turn the experimental features on, you have to go to the Settings --> LibreOffice --> Advanced --> "Enable experimental features" (see screenshot bellow) Then you can uncheck the Java from the same Dialog.


There are few components written in Java if you use them: The Wizards, Report Builder, and Report Designer sub-components are written in Java. Full list of Java dependencies here. Original question and source is on To make Firebird Embedded default database in the new database dialog open Expert Configuration and change this key org.openoffice.Office.DataAccess/EmbeddedDatabases/DefaultEmbeddedDatabase/Value to sdbc:embedded:firebird

[April 01, 2014] Hopper v1.5.0 — stored routine debugger — now available!

Upscene Productions announces a new release of: "Hopper — a Stored Code Debugger"
Hopper is a Stored Routine and Trigger Debugger, available for Firebird, InterBase and MySQL.

For more information and a trial download, see the news @ Upscene Productions, pricing information is available.

Bugfixes include CHAR issues with InterBase and Firebird and a CAST error in MySQL.

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