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Firebird is used by approximately 1 million of software developers worldwide. High compatibility with industry standards on many fronts makes Firebird the obvious choice for developing interoperable applications for homogeneous and hybrid environments.
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Planning Board
Last updated: May 2016

Firebird 4.0

Mandatory features
are the ones making the release possible. They are developed with the highest priority and their preview must be available in the first Alpha builds.

Optional features are developed after the primary ones and scheduled for both Alpha and Beta builds. They may be postponed if their development does not fit the release schedule.

This page mentions only major features, please follow the roadmap panel of the tracker for the complete list.

Milestone Deadline Status
Initial Release (unstable builds) 28 February 2016 PASSED
Alpha Release (feature preview) 01 September 2016 IN PROGRESS
Beta Release (stable enough) 01 March 2017 PLANNING

Mandatory features
Feature Reference(s) Developer / Assistant Status
Built-in logical (row level) replication, both synchronous and asynchronous CORE-2021 Dmitry Yemanov / Roman Simakov IN PROGRESS
Physical standby solution (incremental restore via nbackup) CORE-2216CORE-2990 Vlad Khorsun / Roman Simakov IN PROGRESS
Metadata names longer than 31 characters CORE-749 Adriano dos Santos Fernandes PLANNING
Timeouts for statements / transactions / connections CORE-658, CORE-985 Vlad Khorsun IN PROGRESS
Batch API operations, bulk load optimizations CORE-820 Alex Peshkov PLANNING
Numerics with precision longer than 18 digits, improved intermediate calculations for shorter numerics CORE-4409 Alex Peshkov / Dmitry Yemanov PLANNING
Optimizer statistics: more data (including histograms), auto-update CORE-1082, CORE-1686 Dmitry Yemanov / Vlad Khorsun PLANNING
Predefined system roles, sysop permissions CORE-2557 Alex Peshkov IN PROGRESS

Optional features
Feature Reference(s) Developer / Assistant Status
GBAK's restore performance improvements, including parallel operations CORE-2992 Vlad Khorsun PLANNING
Extended window functions CORE-1688 Adriano dos Santos Fernandes PLANNING
Support for time zones CORE-694, CORE-909 Adriano dos Santos Fernandes PLANNING
New data access paths, subquery transformations CORE-4823 Dmitry Yemanov PLANNING
Granting roles to other roles CORE-1815 Roman Simakov / Alex Peshkov COMPLETED
User groups / accumulative permissions CORE-751 Roman Simakov / Alex Peshkov COMPLETED
Tablespaces CORE-688 Atri Sharma / Dmitry Yemanov PLANNING
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