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Firebird is used by approximately 1 million of software developers worldwide. High compatibility with industry standards on many fronts makes Firebird the obvious choice for developing interoperable applications for homogeneous and hybrid environments.
Developer's Report: Firebird Core Development & Coordination
December 2009 to February 2010

February 2010

New development
  • Simplify the expression index creation and evaluation logic
  • Enabled WITH LOCK option for non-distinct unions
  • Some optimizations for window expressions
  • Refactored the RLE compressing code into a proper class, fixed its external interface to support longer byte sequences
  • Added more statistics about tables and indices to the GSTAT output
Fixed v.2.x bugs
  • Wrong ordering with views, distinct, left join and order by
  • Outer ORDER BY clause having no effect
  • Database shutdown bug (cannot connect to the database if GFIX -shut -attach fails after the specified timeout)
  • Wrong handling of current date/time values in expression indices
  • Broken system tables security in v2.5
  • Crash related to the invalid attachment handle passed from the Y-valve into the engine
Fixed old bugs
  • Bad optimization of queries involving DB_KEY
  • Optimizer fails applying stream-local predicates before merging
  • Documentation for v2.0.6
January 2010

New development
  • Prohibit any improper mixture of explicit and implicit joins
  • Simplified the explicit plan handling inside the engine
  • Major cleanup and refactoring in the optimizer
  • Implemented hash joins
  • Allowed merge joins for IS NOT DISTINCT FROM equalities
Fixed V.2.x Bugs
  • Error "no current row for fetch operation" when subquery includes a non-trivial derived table
  • Unsuccessful execution of a trigger during a record update
Fixed Old Bugs
  • Inconsistent binary representation of the backup file among subsequent backup/restore cycles
  • Wrong results when PLAN MERGE is chosen and datatypes of the equality predicate arguments are different
  • Results of a join with different collations depend on the execution plan
  • Documentation for v2.5 RC2
December 2009

New development
  • Added full support for PSQL functions
  • Added new fields to system tables (ODS 12.0)
  • Show procedure aliases (if any) in the plan output
  • Re-implemented (more efficiently) full outer joins
  • Implemented the core part of the scrollable (aka bi-directional) cursors and support them in PSQL
  • Allowed interactive arguments (seconds and intervals) of fb_lock_print to be 32-bit integers
Fixed v2.x bugs
  • Views based on procedures can't be created if the procedure output fields participate in an expression
  • Incomplete plan output (lack of view names) when selecting from views containing procedures inside
  • Incorrect interactive lock print header output for waits
  • Minor changes in the Windows build of NBACKUP
Dmitry Yemanov
Penza, Russia
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