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Developer's Report: Firebird Core Development & Coordination
March to July 2010

July 2010

New development
  • Reworked the SEC$USERS implementation so that no new physical table type and data access method would be required
  • Researched the known issues with the nested loop join algorithm being used for complex sub-queries (e.g. CORE-3013)
  • Continued work on the alternative (enhanced) textual plan output
Bug Fixing
  • CORE-3064: Using the procedure alias inside an explicit plan crashes the server
  • CORE-2122 (backport): Translation of large text BLOB between UNICODE_FSS (UTF8) and other charsets
  • Unregistered: Engine crash related to the incorrect internals of Pair<MetaName, MetaName>
  • Documentation for v2.5 RC3
June 2010

New development
  • Research on the denser ODS storage of longish monotonic strings
Bug Fixing
  • Unregistered (backport): Internal cache of prepared statements in the EXECUTE STATEMENT implementation doesn't work properly
  • Unregistered: Fixed a lock-up when connecting locally to the missing database file
  • Unregistered: Error in the BLR printer output
May 2010

New development
  • Reworked the rivers joining code in the optimizer
  • Better (more exact) calculation of a cardinality for external tables
Bug Fixing
  • CORE-3011: Server hangs or crashes while monitoring connections are repeatedly attaching and detaching
  • Fatal lock manager error "Invalid lock id (NNN)" while working with monitoring tables on a highly loaded system
  • CORE-2933: Very slow execution of a script that creates a lot of metadata
  • Unregistered: MON$MEMORY_USED for connection/database is bigger than MON$MEMORY_ALLOCATED
  • Backported a few optimizer adjustments from the recent versions into v2.1.4
  • Documentation for v2.5 RC3
April 2010

New development
  • Reworked the rsb/cursor logic (related to the differences between a main query and its subqueries)
  • Fixed evaluation of default arguments for PSQL and external functions. Improved error handling
  • First stage to make the codebase ready for messages longer than 64K
  • Changed the default page cache size for Classic, as discussed in fb-devel
Bug Fixing
  • CORE-3003: Procedure suspend check may cause restore to fail
  • CORE-2966: Wrong results or unexpected errors while sorting a large data set
  • CORE-2965: Incorrect ROW_COUNT value after SINGULAR condition
  • CORE-2215 (backport): GROUP BY concatenation with empty string
  • Unregistered: Avoid polluting firebird.log on Vista/Win7 systems when running as an application
  • Unregistered: Problems while detaching from the security database during the engine shutdown
  • A few corrections to the SQL states mapping
  • Cleanup the legacy SUPERCLIENT code, memory manager related cleanup
March 2010

New development
  • Cleanup the MSVC9 build process to benefit from the recent architectural changes
  • Reworked the remote protocol analyzing logic (it fixes some known issues and also starts to comply to the v3.0 architecture)
  • Reworked the root directory determination for client and embedded libraries
  • Refactored the sorter module into a proper C++ class, fixed its internal memory management
Bug Fixing
  • CORE-2916: Broken error handling in the case of a conversion error happened during index creation
  • CORE-2914: Server crashes while restoring a database having an expression index referencing a non-existent UDF
  • CORE-2890: SQLSTATE should also be available as a PSQL context variable like GDSCODE/SQLCODE
  • CORE-2289 (backport): Wrong (primary) constraint name is reported for the foreign key violation during FK creation
  • CORE-1550: Unnecessary index scan happens when the same index is mapped to both WHERE and ORDER BY clauses
  • Documentation for v2.0.6
  • Code cleanup (incomplete legacy scrollable cursors feature)
Dmitry Yemanov
Penza, Russia
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