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Developer's Report: Firebird Core Development & Coordination
December 2010 to February 2011

February 2011

New development
  • Removed the internals limits of 64KB per message
  • Profiled the hash join implementation
  • CORE-2305: Make mon$statement_id value constant among monitoring snapshots
  • CORE-3332: Provide more detailed information about the query execution plan
  • CORE-3076: Better performance for (table.field = :param or :param = -1) in where clause
Bug Fixing
  • CORE-3097: Updating blob field cause server crash with ACCESS_VIOLATION exception
  • CORE-3355: Wrong comparison of DATE and TIMESTAMP if index is used
  • CORE-3233: LIKE, STARTING and CONTAINING fail if second operand >= 32K
  • CORE-3353: Predicate (blob_field LIKE ?) describes the parameter as VARCHAR(30) rather than as BLOB
  • CORE-3138: Internal error or crash occurs when accessing any MON$ table after altering its structure
  • CORE-3335: Wrong results (internal wrapping occured) for the multi-byte blob SUBSTRING function and its boundary arguments
  • CORE-3296: Error "context already in use" for the simple case function with a sub-select operand
  • CORE-3245: SUBSTRING on long blobs truncates result to 32767 if third argument not present
  • CORE-3058: New generators are created with wrong value when more than 32K generators was previously created
  • CORE-3173: Empty result when select from SP that contains two CTE (second of them with GROUP BY clause) and INNER join
  • CORE-3176: View with "subselect" column join table and not use index
  • CORE-3340: Error in autonomous transaction with empty exception handler: can insert duplicate values into PK/UK column
  • CORE-3341: Events might not be posted inside the autonomous transaction
  • CORE-1620: Incorrect error message if EXECUTE STATEMENT contains empty string
  • CORE-2957: count(*) from big table returns negative result
  • CORE-1619: Some aggregate functions doesn't support NULL-constant in 3-d dialect
January 2011

Bug Fixing
  • CORE-3314: Dependencies are not removed after dropping the procedure and the table it depends on in the same transaction
  • CORE-3312: Sub-optimal join plan when the slave table depends on the master one via the OR predicate
  • CORE-3311: Error "data type unknown" while preparing UPDATE/DELETE statements with the parameterized ROWS clause
  • CORE-2933: Very slow execution of a script that creates a lot of metadata
  • CORE-3237: Slow compilation of stored procedures
  • CORE-3302: Distinct aggregates return wrong (duplicated) data
  • Optimizer related cleanup
December 2010

  • CORE-3295: Estimate the actual record compression ratio in the optimizer
Bug Fixing
  • CORE-3283: Bad plan with using LEFT OUTER JOIN in sub-select
  • Backported CORE-2890: SQLSTATE should also be available as a PSQL context variable like GDSCODE/SQLCODE
  • Documentation for the v2.1.4 release
  • Misc bug hunting in the new v3.0 code
Dmitry Yemanov
Penza, Russia
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