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Developer's Report: Firebird Core Development & Coordination
March 2011 to September 2011

September 2011

New development
  • Slightly refactored the background threads (cache writer & garbage collector)
  • Fixed the background garbage collection
  • Fixed the possible engine crash after transaction commit/rollback
  • Work on the execution time monitoring (in progress)
  • Updated Russian translation for the Windows installer
August 2011

New development
  • Research on caching inner streams of "unrelated" nested loop joins (continued for outer joins)
  • Work on the execution time monitoring (in progress)
  • CORE-3457: Optimize the temporary space manager regarding small chunk allocations
    (part II - linear search in the list of segments)
July 2011

New development
  • Completed some missing parts of the PSQL functions implementation
  • Implemented the COMMENT support for function arguments
  • Fixed the expression index logic
  • CORE-2709: Many indexed reads in a compound index with NULLs
  • CORE-1812: Index is not used for some date/time expressions in dialect 1 (regression in the old ticket has been found and fixed)
  • CORE-3554: Server crashes during prepare or throws incorrect parsing error if the remotely passed SQL query is empty
  • CORE-3553: Nested loop plan is chosen instead of the sort merge for joining independent streams using keys of different types
  • CORE-3547: Floating-point negative zero doesn't match positive zero in the index
June 2011

New development
  • Fixed the error handling broken after introducing system constraints
  • CORE-3508: MON$DATABASE_NAME and MON$ATTACHMENT_NAME fields contain question marks instead of non-ASCII characters regardless of the connection charset
  • CORE-3058: New generators are created with wrong value when more than 32K generators was previously created
    (v3.0 has another implementation than v2.x)
  • Documentation for the v2.5.1 release
May 2011

New development
  • Research on the better index key compression techniques
  • CORE-3387: Client library could hang infinitely waiting for a reply packet on a forcibly disconnected server socket
  • CORE-3493: Adding a value to a timestamp below '16.11.1858 00:00:01' throws 'value exceeds the range for valid timestamp'
  • CORE-3477: Passing non-existing SQL parameters always crash server
  • CORE-3457: Optimize the temporary space manager regarding small chunk allocations
    (part I - oversized allocations for small blocks)
  • CORE-3395 & CORE-3474: both are regressions solved by rolling back the fix for CORE-2812 (which was postponed till v3.0)
  • Website redevelopment
April 2011

New development
  • Fixed incorrect type determination for unions
  • Improved locality of some allocations, thus fixing a small memory leak in SuperServer
  • CORE-3340: Error in autonomous transaction with empty exception handler: can insert duplicate values into PK/UK column
    (one more part of the fix committed in February)
  • Unregistered: Fixed possible deadlock between the shutting down engine and the running service
  • Unregistered: Fixed  incorrect error reported while dropping a role
  •   Website redevelopment
March 2011

New development
  • Fixed the NULL handling for MIN/MAX mapped to an index
  • Fixed incorrect WITH LOCK handling (refactoring error)
  • Misc testing and bugfixing, maintenance for MSVC8 builds
Bug Fixing
  • CORE-3420: BOOLEAN not present in system table RDB$TYPES
  • CORE-3412: Array with BOOLEAN. Bug in sdl_desc [sdl.cpp]
  • CORE-3374: Server may crash or corrupt data if SELECT WITH LOCK is issued against records not in the latest format
    (v2.x and v3 has different implementations of the fix)
  • Website redevelopment

Dmitry Yemanov
Penza, Russia
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