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Developer's Report: Firebird Core Development & Coordination
October 2011 to June 2012

June 2012

New development
  • Major refactoring of the lock management
  • Improved error reporting for constraint violations and some DFW (at commit) errors
  • CORE-3873: Server crashes while switching to the shadow if the disk I/O fault happens while flushing the cache
  • CORE-3853 and CORE-3675 (related regressions)
  • Preparation for v2.5.2 release
May 2012

  • CORE-3557: AV in engine when preparing query against dropping table (new regressions resolved)
  • Unregistered regression after fixing CORE-3777
  • Preparation for v2.1.5 release
April 2012

New development
  • Added some missing code for PSQL functions
  • CORE-3834: Usage of a NATURAL JOIN with a derived table crashes the server
  • CORE-3807: Error "Invalid expression in the select list" can be unexpectedly raised if a string literal is used inside a GROUP BY clause in a multi-byte connection
  • CORE-3686: Incorrect (zero) values are reported for "acquire blocks" and "mutex wait" counters in the fb_lock_print output
  • CORE-3806: Wrong data returned if a sub-query or a computed field refers to the base table in the ORDER BY clause
  • Unregistered case of wrong error diagnostics that could cause to a database corruption
March 2012

New development
  • ODS: made the jump nodes unconditional and integrated the jumping information natively into the index bucket
  • CORE-3791: Performance degrades when actively working with databases bigger than the available RAM amount
  • CORE-1992: bad BLR -- invalid stream for union select
  • CORE-3092: ROW_COUNT is not cleared before the singleton INSERT statement
  • CORE-3625: MON$IO_STATS doesn't report page writes performed asynchronously (at the AST level)
  • CORE-3569: CHAR(32767) present in XSQLVAR with length 32765
  • CORE-2286: Selecting from MON$CALL_STACK within a Trigger or SP sometimes return 0 rows
  • CORE-3777: Conversion error from string when using GROUP BY
  • CORE-3798: Server dies when carry out the LEFT + INNER JOIN
  • Backported CORE-3553, CORE-3457, CORE-3697, CORE-2422
February 2012

New development
  • Improved the lock table validation logic
  • CORE-3761: Conversion error when using a blob as an argument for the EXCEPTION statement
  • CORE-3753: The trigger together with the operator MERGE if in a condition of connection ON contains new isn't compiled
January 2012

New development
  • Removed support for the remote protocol versions prior to v10
  • Restricted ALTER/DROP permissions to the object owners only. Now this applies to domains, charsets, collations, generators and exceptions.
  • Opened the gates to implement the standard USAGE privilege (CORE-2884)
  • Refactored CREATE/ALTER USER code
  • Refactored the low-level index nodes handling code
  • Refactoring and bugfixing in the XDR protocol
  • Added a few indices on system tables to avoid full table scans
  • Disallowed deletions from RDB$DATABASE
  • CORE-3730: isc_dsql_exec_immed2() loses input parameter value with RETURNING clause
  • CORE-3722: IS NOT DISTINCT FROM NULL doesn't use index
  • Preparation for v2.0.7 release
December 2011

New development
  • A number of fixes regarding the new authentication logic in Windows builds
  • Removed LockGrantOrder in favor of unconditionally fair order
  • Improved the lock manager to better support the shared cache
Bug Fixing
  • CORE-3697: String truncation error when selecting from a VIEW with UNION inside
  • CORE-3683: Wrong results if the recursive query contains an embedded GROUP BY clause
  • CORE-3692: Cannot drop a NOT NULL constraint on a field participating in the UNIQUE constraint
  • CORE-927: Grants don't work for procedures used inside views
  • CORE-3490: Concurrency problem when using named cursors
November 2011

New development
  • Small optimizations in the mover/converter code
  • Fixed the races leading to server crashes
  • Firebird conference in Luxembourg
October 2011

New development
  • Refactored the database shutdown logic
  • CORE-927: Grants don't work for procedures used inside views
  • Refactored the thread initialization, especially in AST and BG threads.
  • Replaced active request count with an explicit list of active requests

Dmitry Yemanov
Penza, Russia
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