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Developer's Report: Firebird Core Development & Coordination
July 2012 to January 2013

During the past months, my activities were concentrated in the following areas (ordered by priority):

  1. Stability fixes for the v2.5 series. It's about highly loaded databases that were causing troubles with (regular) lock-ups and (rare) crashes, as well as about other known issues.
    • Resolved tickets: CORE-3979, CORE-3989, CORE-4004, CORE-4010.

    • Work in progress: CORE-3809, CORE-3817.

    • It required some refactoring in the asynchronous shutdown/cancellation code and the looper logic.

    • Also, this includes a few minor performance improvements not registered in the tracker. Mostly, it's about various code optimizations that, being combined together, allowed up to 15% smaller fetch time in some conditions.

  2. Regular bugfixing and backporting, including regression fixes for v3.0.
    See: CORE-1245, CORE-1295, CORE-3675, CORE-3853, CORE-3924, CORE-3967, CORE-3977, CORE-3978, CORE-3981, CORE-3986, CORE-3994, CORE-4038.

  3. Architectural work for v3.0. This includes the tasks targeted at finalizing ODS and API, thus allowing Alpha 1 to be released.

    • Discussed with Alex and Vlad changes to the new API related to the explicit DSQL cursor interfaces, also targeted to support bi-directional (aka scrollable) cursors. The underlying implementation is already in place.

    • Removed the remaining 64KB limits (SQL text, BLR, data messages, procedure/function argument formats) inside the engine.

  4. Pending changes that affect Alpha:

    • Remove the 64KB limits from the remote protocol subsystem.

    • Fix CORE-3943.

      At my side, there are no other showstoppers.
  5. Other development for v3.0.

    • Added the initialization timestamp to the shared memory regions and reported that in the fb_lock_print output.

    • Cleaned up the dead code (native quad integer support).

    • Extended the monitoring tables, see: CORE-2780, CORE-2187, CORE-3779.

    • Various minor optimizer improvements. In progress.

    • Page-level TRUNCATE TABLE statement. In progress.

    • Optimization of page-level record retrieval that allows to save page locks/latches when a bunch of records is read from the same (i.e. already cached) page. In progress.

Dmitry Yemanov
Penza, Russia
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