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Developer's Report: Firebird Core Development and Coordination
June to September 2013

September 2013
New development:
  • CORE-4222: Auth method in MON$ATTACHMENTS
  • CORE-4218: Database owner in MON$DATABASE
  • Explicit rollback via TIP for all kinds of forced disconnections
  • Avoid rescheduling if we're kindly asked to stop immediately
  • CORE-4235: Deadlock is possible while accessing the monitoring tables under concurrent load
  • CORE-4229: Bi-directional cursor is not positioned by the first call of FETCH LAST
  • CORE-4202: Backup/Restore from old version to v3.0 fails with BLR error
  • CORE-4201: Computed field returns null value inside BI trigger
  • Unconditionally flush the page cache to disk if FLUSH_ALL / FLUSH_FINI modes are used and FW=OFF
  • Fixed "bad debug info format" warning during restore

August 2013
New development:
  • CORE-4165: Replace the hierarchical union execution with the plain one
  • Improved the ISQL output for the SHOW GRANT command
  • Removed the record size limit for aggregates/unions
  • Increased the sort record size limit from 64KB to 1MB
  • Core support for records longer than 64KB
  • Increased the plan buffer size in ISQL to accomodate the detailed plan output
  • CORE-4173: Setting generator value twice in single transaction will set it to zero
  • CORE-4176: Monitoring tables return incomplete information in SC/CS configurations
  • CORE-4168: Backup containing procedures or triggers that select from external tables cannot be restored with ExternalFileAccess=None
  • CORE-4164: Owner name is missing for generators/exceptions restored from a backup
  • CORE-4159: Fixed the negative/too-big numbers in the memory stats
  • Bugfix for the thread scheduling issue on Linux (slow response to async requests)
  • Fixed the optimizer regression causing different from FB2 plans being generated
  • Fixed incorrect accounting re. number of fetches
  • Fixed unexpectedly big (> 2^32) page numbers in the validation output
  • Better packaging (readmes, examples) for Windows snapshot builds
July 2013
New development:
  • CORE-3704: Add new context variables to the SYSTEM namespace
  • CORE-4142: Server crashes while preparing a query with DISTINCT and ORDER BY
  • CORE-4149: New permission types are not displayed by ISQL
  • CORE-4139: Error "invalid stream" can be raised in some cases while matching a computed index
  • Better protection against AST delivery during detaching
  • Fixed hash join of more than two streams
  • Fixed server crash in both remote server and remote client
  • Fixed regressions appeared in tests:
functional.view.create_07, bugs.core_2582, bugs.core_2042, bugs.core_0965,  bugs.core_1715, bugs.core_195, bugs.core_2291, bugs.core_1910

June 2013
New development:
  • Added support for the explained plan to ISQL
  • Refactored the optimizer regarding navigational index walks
  • Made the ALTER SEQUENCE RESTART behavior standard compliant
  • CORE-4132: gbak requires exclusive access
  • CORE-4127: Server crashes instead of reporting the error "key size exceeds implementation restriction"
  • CORE-4123: Firebird crash when executing an stored procedure called by a trigger that converts string to upper
  • CORE-4122: Metadata export with isql (option -ex) does not export functions properly
  • CORE-4118: Expression index may be not used for derived fields or view fields
  • CORE-4117: Ignoring computed by field as Exception parameter
  • CORE-4113: EXECUTE BLOCK prepare fails
  • CORE-3963: isql doesn't know the difference between UDF's and psql-functions
Dmitry Yemanov
Penza, Russia
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