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Developer's Report: Firebird Core Development & Coordination
October 2013 to January 2014

January 2014
New development:
  • CORE-3881: Extend the error reported for index/constraint violations to include the problematic key value
  • CORE-1482: Make optimizer to consider ORDER BY optimization when making decision about join order
  • Optimized location of booleans in predicate-limited navigational scans
  • CORE-4323: FB 2.1.5 64bits Windows zip kit misses fbsvcmgr.exe
  • CORE-4318: Predicates involving PSQL variables/parameters are not pushed inside the aggregation
  • CORE-4313: Error "Attempt to reopen an open cursor" may be raised if the query handle is reused in a different transaction
  • CORE-4118: Expression index may be not used for derived fields or view fields (v3 part of the bugfix)
  • Fixed longish dependency handling whiule committing metadata at the end of restore
  • Fixed the server crash during disconnection forced by the network layer
December 2013
New development:
  • Improved the detailed plan output for windowed functions, etc
  • CORE-4300: Server terminates abnormally when iscDatabaseInfo() is called with buffer size = 0
  • CORE-4261: Wrong result of join when joined fields are created via row_number() function
  • CORE-4236: Database shutdown is reported as successfully completed before all active connections are in fact interrupted
  • Fixed the issue with recursive CTEs reported by Philippe Makowski in firebird-devel
  • Fixed crashes or wrong results (empty result set) for inner joins and INTL columns
November 2013
New development:
  • CORE-4285: Choose the best matching index for navigation
  • CORE-1846: Allow index walk (ORDER plan) when there's a composite index {A, B} and the query looks like WHERE A = ? ORDER BY B
  • CORE-4270: Error in case of subquery with windowed function + where <field> IN(select ...)
  • CORE-4268: Server may crash while disconnecting from a database
  • CORE-4267: Server crashes while sweeping the database
  • CORE-4265: Unexpected lock conflict error may be raised while connecting to a heavily loaded database
  • CORE-4262: Context parsing error with derived tables and CASE functions
  • CORE-4255: Parametrized queries using RDB$DB_KEY do not work
  • CORE-4240: Recursive query in SQL query returns incorrect results if more than one branch bypass
  • Attempted to fix a number of issues with badly working privileges after restore into ODS12
October 2013
New development:
  • Tested and profiled the Pavel Zotov's examples for unexpectedly long connection times under load
  • Assisted with CORE-4247: Delete "where current of" cursor fails for tables with newly added fields
  • Researched the lost status problem during authentication in v3
Dmitry Yemanov
Penza, Russia
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