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Firebird is used by approximately 1 million of software developers worldwide. High compatibility with industry standards on many fronts makes Firebird the obvious choice for developing interoperable applications for homogeneous and hybrid environments.
Developer's Report: Firebird Core Development & Coordination
November 2014 to January 2015

January 2015
New development:
  • Core (engine-level) support for scrollable DSQL cursors
  • Make xnet://db connection strings usable with forward slashes
  • Unified port numbers / protocol names syntax (thus allowing custom ports in inet://host:port/db connection strings)
  • Slightly refactored the BLR parser routines in the remote provider
  • CORE-4676: Crash on unexpected client disconnection with opened transaction
  • CORE-4675: Conditions like WHERE <field> = <cursor>.<field> don't use existing index
  • CORE-4673: Computed index based on a computed column stores NULL for all its keys
  • CORE-4670: Constraint violation error may be swallowed in some cases
  • CORE-4668: Select from mon$table_stats doesn`t work on SC and CS
  • CORE-4665: Wrong result when use "where <field_C> STARTING WITH <:value> ORDER BY <field_N>' and field_C is leading part of compound index key: { field_C, field_N }
  • CORE-4558: SuperServer dies when client is disconnected abnormally during the index navigational scan
  • CORE-4075: Server bugchecks or crashes on exception in calculated index
December 2014
New development:
  • Cleaned up the API from the legacy crap (parser version and SQL dialect trickery)
  • Refactored the RPB flags and slightly updated the record refetch logic
  • CORE-4639: Linux server may reject connections with a transliteration error
  • CORE-4634: ORDER BY via an index + WHERE clause: error "no current record for fetch operation"
  • CORE-4631: Lock manager "out of room" error hides the real cause of this problem
  • CORE-4622: Regression: Trigger with UPDATE OR INSERT statement and IIF() not working as expected
  • CORE-4572: Incorrect error for PSQL function when the number of actual arguments does not match the number of formal arguments
  • CORE-4539: Server does not accept the right plan
  • CORE-4472: Message "Modifying function <F> which is currently in use" when running script with AUTODDL=OFF and <F> is called from INTERNAL function declared in other unit
  • CORE-4384: Problems when a table grows beyond 65535 pointer pages
  • CORE-4280: FB3: Stored function accepts duplicate input arguments
  • CORE-4161: User can not insert records into table with column "generated by default as identity" in its DDL
  • CORE-3305: "BLOB not found" error after creation/altering of the invalid trigger (postfix)
  • CORE-1550: Unnecessary index scan happens when the same index is mapped to both WHERE and ORDER BY clauses (postfix)
  • Fixed missing initialization of the output variable in the case of FB_EOF (remote provider)
November 2014
New development:
  • Relaxed system tables protection for cases UPDATE ... SET RDB$*_SOURCE = NULL
  • CORE-4618: Rollback doesn`t undo changes when MERGE statement updates the same target rows multiple times and PLAN MERGE is used
Dmitry Yemanov
Penza, Russia
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