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Developer's Report: Firebird Core Development & Coordination
September to December 2015
December 2015
New development:
  • Faster retrieval from MON$ tables for non-privileged users
  • CORE-4708: Content of MON$EXPLAINED_PLAN in MON$STATEMENTS is truncated if exceeds the 32KB limit
  • CORE-4840: Transactions with isc_tpb_autocommit can hang the server
  • CORE-4862: ibase.h from x64 package includes non-existing file
November 2015
New development:
  • Implemented faster reaction on MON$ queries and asynchronous shutdown/cancellation requests (CORE-4179)
  • CORE-4983: Server crashes during execution of unprepared statement
  • CORE-5016: Server crashes during GC when DELETE is executed after adding new referencing column
  • CORE-5018: Non-indexed predicates may not be applied immediately after retrieval when tables are being joined
  • CORE-5220: ORDER BY clause on compound index may disable usage of other indices
  • Fixed races during massive attachment shutdown
  • Fixed processing of asynchronous errors if they're thrown directly via checkCancelState()
October 2015
New development:
  • CORE-4965: Extend the transaction ID space beyond 2^32 transactions
  • Disabled GRANT/REVOKE for privileges not currently enforced: USAGE/DOMAIN, USAGE/CHARSET, USAGE/COLLATION
  • Added version info to the conf file
  • CORE-4928 (reworked)
  • CORE-4970: Table trigger does not see its mode: inserting or updating or deleting
  • CORE-4972: Invalid statement handle
  • CORE-4982: Server crashes during "select from procedure" if exception is thrown while backing out the current savepoint
  • CORE-4984: Ordering by compound index together with a range condition gives wrong results
  • Fixed gfix -commit / -rollback on big-endian platforms (seems to be a very old bug)
September 2015
  • CORE-4909 re. sort/merge joins
  • CORE-4921: Predicate IS [NOT] DISTINCT FROM is not pushed into unions/aggregates thus causing sub-optimal plans
  • CORE-4927: IIF function prevents the condition from being pushed into the union for better optimization
  • CORE-4929: Cannot compile source with ELSE IF () THEN and commands to manipulate explicit cursor
  • CORE-4937: View/subselect with "union" does not use computed index
Dmitry Yemanov
Penza, Russia
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