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Developer's Report: Firebird Core Development & Coordination
January to May 2016
May 2016
New development:
  • CORE-2192: Enabled 32KB page size + some related adjustments
  • Refactored savepoint management, switched to 64-bit savepoint numbers
  • CORE-5241: Affected rows are not counted for some update operations with views
  • CORE-5231: EXECUTE STATEMENT: BLR error if more than 256 output parameters exist
  • CORE-5228: Restore may hang if the database contains more than 4 billion records
  • CORE-5226: Incorrect result set (missing records) may be returned by the ORDER plan query navigating on a descending index
  • CORE-5224: Transaction id tags for services API do not support new 48 bit transaction ids
  • Fixed request savepoint stack handling when tx-level savepoint was already dropped
April 2016
New development:
  • CORE-5216: Provide location context (line/column numbers) for runtime errors raised inside EXECUTE BLOCK
  • CORE-5222: SELECT WITH LOCK may raise unexpected update conflict errors under concurrent load
  • CORE-5218: Explicitly defined names for NOT NULL constraints are not exported into script by ISQL -x
  • CORE-5217: ISQL -x may crash while exporting an exception with message text length > 127 bytes
  • CORE-5207: ISQL -X may generate invalid GRANT USAGE statements
  • CORE-5183: line/column numbering may be twisted if syntax is used
  • CORE-5182: Inconsistent effects of subsequent statement execution if failing during record refetch
  • Prevented stack trace (line/column info) from overriding the real error's SQLSTATE
  • Fixed ISQL extraction of generators on 64-bit Linux
March 2016
New development:
  • Created the initial v4.0 tree, adjusted the code for the new version, set up snapshot builds
  • Migrated the repository to GitHub, developed new scripts for build number increment
  • CORE-5179: Database-level statistics (MON$STAT_GROUP = 0) may contain multiple rows under concurrent load
  • CORE-5149: LEFT JOIN incorrectly pushes COALESCE into the inner stream causing wrong results
  • CORE-5146: Suboptimal join order if one table has a selective predicate and MIN is calculated for the other one
  • CORE-5143: GBAK restore failed when there is SQL function accessing table and switch -O(NE_AT_A_TIME) is used
  • CORE-5133: "Alter sequence restart with" does not change the initial value
  • CORE-4985: Non-privileged user can implicitly count records in a restricted table
  • Fixed handling of non-ASCII table names inside TPB
  • Avoid GBAK's mandatory runtime dependency on ICU, load it only when really needed (-skip_data switch is specified)
February 2016
New development:
  • CORE-5119: Support autocommit mode in SET TRANSACTION statement
  • Russian translation for the Windows installer
  • CORE-5122: Expression index may not be used by the optimizer if created and used in different connection charsets
  • Postfixes for CORE-5097
  • Optimized some GDML requests used internally by the engine
  • Unwind the cache if checkCancelState(true) is called directly
January 2016
  • CORE-5061: ISQL plan output is unexpectedly truncated after a query is simplified to become shorter
  • Fixed non-zero shutdown timeout in SuperClassic
  • Fixed races while accessing the database-level relation statistics
  • Fix for semicolons embedded into the []-styled IPv6 address
Dmitry Yemanov
Penza, Russia
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