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Developer's Report: Firebird Core Development
September - December 2015
  • Postfix for CORE-4904
  • Improvement CORE-4935 : Increase performance of backout of dead record version (or undo of just created primary record version) when backversions chain is too long
  • Improvement CORE-4936 : Reduce internal contention in background garbage collector
  •    Other small improvements:
  • garbage collector\sweep now skip record header if transaction is below OIT - it allows to reduce number of page fetches
  • missed points to gather RECORD_FRAGMENT_READS and RECORD_BACKVERSION_READS statistics
  • Improvement CORE-4939 : Make IO operations with nbackup backup file aligned at page size boundary
  • Protect dbb_pc_transactions vector in concurrent environment.
  • Fixed few issues with B-tree handling of long keys:
  • More checks for b-tree page overflow during inset of new node.
  • Special care is taken to generate split point so that both new pages do not exceed the page_size.
  • Handle case when index key is added and split is propagated up to top-level page and former top-level page is a split by  concurrent thread meanwhile.
  • Bugcheck when b-tree level become greater than MAX_LEVEL (16 currently) is replaced by isc_imp_exc error.
  • Validation code (aka gfix) now check correctness of level assigned to b-tree page (all pages at level should have same value and value should be decremented by one at each level down).  It should fix bug CORE-4914 and related issues.
  • Postfix for CORE-4904
  • Fixed bug CORE-4952 : SuperServer could hung on database shutdown
  • Fix deadlock in fbclient (see CORE-4680). Thanks to Alex.
  • Removed unused mutex. Fixed tiny memory leak.
  • Windows DLL issues:
Detect case when DLL unloaded after ExitProcess was called In such case all threads are killed by OS thus any synchronization is potentially dangerous and could lead to hang-up. When this condition is detected all kind of cleanup (including engine shutdown) is skipped. It fixed CORE-4938 and similar issues.
  • All utilities call fb_shutdown on exit
  • Fixed small memory leak (happens on every auth request)
  • Avoid too frequent VirtualAlloc\VirtualFree calls (optimization)
  • Fixed race condition when many attachments creates event session at the same moment
  • Implemented delayed closing of server sockets - it should fix server hang up (see CORE-4680).
  • Fixed socket disconnect handling to allow graceful shutdown of network connection and avoid a lot of network errors in firebird.log (mostly 10053\10054).
  • Fixed few issues in event's handling code which could lead to AV (CORE-4680).
  • Fixed few small memory leaks.
  • Fixed delays on disconnect (Classic mode only, seems Windows-specific)
  • Fixed logging WSAEINTR error on shutdown of Classic listener process (Windows-specific).
  • Fixed TCS issue with events reported privately by Alex
  • Fixed AV on client : when disconnect happens while event callback run
  • Revert some of my recent changes in socket closing sequence as it causes delays client side on Linux. It also should fix CORE-4977 : Detach of 3.x database from 3.x Linux client takes much longer than from 3.x Windows client
  • Avoid send over closing socket (it put errors 10058 (WSAESHUTDOWN) in firebird.log)
  • Fixed bug CORE-4968 : fbtrace.conf in FB30-HOME: missing equality sign ('=') between parameter  "log_errors" and its default values ("false")
  • Backport fix for bug CORE-4680 : Possible deadlock in firebird connect.
  • Backport from trunk: mark port as disconnecting to avoid reporting (expected) network errors
  • Backport from trunk: avoid send over closing socket (it put errors 10058 (WSAESHUTDOWN) in firebird.log)
  • Backport feature CORE-1999 : TimeStamp in the every line output gbak.exe utility
  • Forward compatibility with ODS12 - don't put into backup relation constraints of system relations (which was introduced by ODS12). It allows to backup fb3 database using gbak v2.5 and later restore such backup by v3 engine.
  • Additional means to avoid crash\hangup when application unload fbclient.dll not calling fb_shutdown.
  • Fixed reason of 500 ms delay experienced by such applications (described by Arno in fb-devel).
  • Fixed missing assignment of thread priorities.
  • Improved reaction on Ctrl+C\Ctrl+Break\console close request in Trace Manager and Services Manager console utilities on Windows.
  • Fixed bug CORE-4998 : Both client and server could not close connection after failed authentification
  • Fixed bug CORE-5015 :  AV in engine could happen when ON DISCONNECT trigger posted event
  • Fix one of the reason for AV in the engine (see CORE-4680, test by Pavel Zotov at 18 Nov 2015).
  • Refactor xnet module to separate client and server parts (endpoints). It fixed bug CORE-5029 : AV in fbclient when multi-threaded application uses XNET protocol and allows in the future to implement client ability to specify target server endpoint name at connection level (currently it is set in firebird.conf).
  • Avoid reporting of "SERVER/process_packet: broken port, server exiting" message for already detached port (affects CS only)
  • Fixed bug CORE-5033 : File fb_user_mapping could be left in Firebird lock directory after correct shutdown of all Firebird worker processes
  • Fixed bug CORE-5034 : At least 5 seconds delay on disconnect could happen if disconnect happens close after Event Manager initialization
  • Backported fix for bug CORE-4656 : Server could hang during chasing dead record version
  • Missed part for CORE-1999
  • Fixed AV in CS introduced recently.
  • Fixed the race condition on Windows when shared memory is initialized. Test case is at CORE-4680, see comments by Pavel Zotov at 18 Nov 2015.
  • Let XNET client returns correct isc_network_error in case of not running XNET server.  Before it returns isc_unavailable and fools y-valve.
  • Fixed MSVC10 build of UDR examples
  • Build and copy udrcpp_example.dll
Vladyslav Khorsun
Dnetpropetrovsk, Ukraine
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