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Developer's Report: Firebird INTL/DSQL Development
December 2009 to February 2010

February 2010

  • Finished the work on ExprNode classes.
  • Merge OrderedWindowStream into AggregatedStream.
  • Finished feature CORE-2830 - Window functions: DENSE_RANK, RANK and ROW_NUMBER.
  • Fixed BLR filter for some procedure verbs.
  • Feature CORE-2869 - Window functions: LAG and LEAD.
  • Feature CORE-2006 - SUBSTRING with regular expression (SIMILAR TO) capability. FOR refactor.
  • Fixed CORE-2888 - A memory corruption cause incorrect query evaluation and may crash the server.
  • Fixed CORE-2893 - Expression in a subquery in WHERE is treated as invariant and produce incorrect results.
V2.5 branch
  • Fixed CORE-2875 - String right truncation error when char column longer than 4096 bytes is compared with string constant.
  • Fixed CORE-2886 - Query with "NOT IN " fails.
January 2010

  • Blob usage cleanup.
  • Remove the noisy of msgs.h when new messages are added.
  • Do not pass -RAW to GPRE in the build, to facilitate the analyse of generated files.
  • Feature CORE-832 - Parameterized exceptions.
  • Exception refactor.
  • Move DYN constants to private header.
  • Feature CORE-1385 Identity columns - in its basic form.
  • Feature OVER (PARTITION BY ...) clause for window functions.
  • Refactor the cmp/copy function due to its different usage scenarios.
  • Feature CORE-2823 - Support the ORDER BY subclause for current aggregate functions (except LIST).
  • Started ExprNode classes hierarchy.
  • Started feature CORE-2830 - Window functions: DENSE_RANK, RANK and ROW_NUMBER.
  • Simplify DSQL removing a lot of copy-and-paste and recursion that change some parameters some times.
  • Aggregate and subquery inconsistencies.
  • Some fixes to TCS
December 2009

  • Use metadata character set in DSQL cache
  • Make exceptions in metadata charset and convert them to the client charset - this should fix CORE-2431
  • Support for "internal" (engine) DSQL statements and use in COMMENT ON
  • Fixed CORE-2785 - Transliteration error with COMMENT statement.
  • Feature CORE-2777 - Make possible to alter the default database character set without manual update of system table.
  • Some code cleanup and refactor.
  • RDB$VIEW_RELATIONS enhancements.
  • Statement cache internals.
  • Make packaged functions work.
  • Make referencing and execution of unimplemented packaged routines work correctly.
V2.5 branch
  • Fixed CORE-2804 - Problems with COMMENT ON and strings using introducer (charset).
  • Backported fix for CORE-2785 - Transliteration error with COMMENT statement.
  • Fixed unregistered bug: Query string crashes 2.5RC1.
  • Fixed unregistered bug: ALTER VIEW drops permissions.
  • Fixed CORE-2735 - isql hangs when trying to show a view based on a procedure.
V2.1 branch
  • Backported fix for CORE-2785 - Transliteration error with COMMENT statement.
  • Some fixes to TCS
Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
Sao Paulo, Brazil
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