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Developer's Report: Firebird INTL/DSQL Development
March to September 2011

March 2011

  • Refactor DSQL INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, MERGE, UPDATE OR INSERT and assignment statements.
  • Refactored nod_src_info.
  • Fixed assertion in StmtExprNode::copy reported privately by Dmitry.
  • Reference DML statements in DSQL with StmtNode instead of dsql_nod.
  • Replace some nod_list by array of nodes and change implementation of nod_returning to ReturningClause.
  • Replace parser hacks by correct btyacc's token position handling. This fixes some problems introduced in 3.0 related to backtrackings.
    It also fixes some non-precise line/column information in some commands (FOR ... DO <command>) and
    stored SQL text prefixed with spaces (in views, for example).
  • A new approach to the provider API - first phase.
  • A new approach to the provider API - parameters.
  • Fixed CORE-3401 - Collation errors with [type of] <domain>, type of column.
  • Move transactRequest, createBlob, openBlob, getSlice, putSlice and ddl from ITransaction to IAttachment.
  • Fixed CORE-3421 - AV with "UPDATE OR INSERT".
  • Started the y-valve reimplementation.
April 2011

  • Fixed problem with position handling (see CORE-2797).
  • Fixed CORE-3426 - Inactive system triggers after fix for CORE-3418.
  • Finished the y-valve reimplementation.
  • Fixed CORE-2606 - Multibyte CHAR value requested as VARCHAR is returned with padded spaces.
  • Fixed CORE-3427 - Server crashing with UTF8 blobs.
  • Fixed CORE-3431 - ISQL pads UTF-8 data incorrectly.
  • Added metadata support to IStatement.
  • Generate DSQL internal dbkey/rec_version only for SELECT...FOR UPDATE. They do nothing for others commands.
  • Write some tests for the new API.
  • Make the new BLOB API use void* buffers, so applications can read/write char* strings or any other type without casts.
  • Improvement CORE-3446 - Allow conversion from/to BLOBs and others types in the API functions (XSQLVAR or blr messages).
  • Improvement CORE-3433 - Improve GBAK restore performance (records insertion).
  • Fixed CORE-3447 - Collation is not installed with icu > 4.2.
May 2011

  •  Integrate IAttachment and ITransaction in the external engines API.
  • Removed "#pragma GCC system_header" because it was interfering with the build dependencies.
  • Fixed CORE-3476 - LIST function wrongly concatenates binary blobs.
  • Fixed crash with nested unions, reported by Vlad.
  • Created tests for the Distributed Transaction Coordinator.
  • Make synchronization primitives work in the POSIX build.
  • Fixes for multi-db transactions.
  • Fixed CORE-3475 - Parameters inside the CAST function are described as not nullable.
  • Frontported changes of CORE-3491.
V2.1 branch
  • Backported fix for CORE-1782 - ISQL crashes when fetching data for a column having alias longer than 30 characters.
V2.0 branch
  • Backported fix for CORE-1782 - ISQL crashes when fetching data for a column having alias longer than 30 characters.
June 2011

  • Refactored the include directory.
  • Fixed CORE-3511 - Unquoted role names with non-ASCII characters passed in DPB are upper-cased wrongly.
  • Fixed CORE-3479 - ASCII_VAL raises error instead of return 0 for empty strings.
  • Fixed problems with database and DDL triggers.
  • Fixed CORE-3416 - Inserting K�se into a CHARACTER SET ASCII column succeeds.
  • Fixed CORE-3373 - It is possible to store string with lenght 31 chars into column varchar(25).
  • Added FB_MESSAGE macro.
  • Fixed CORE-3517 - Server crash with built in function LPAD with string as second parameter.
  • Complement fix for CORE-3140 - Preserve comments for parameters after altering procedures.
V2.5 branch
  • Fixed CORE-3523 - SIMILAR TO: False matches on descending ranges.
  • Backported fix for CORE-3140 - Preserve comments for parameters after altering procedures.
V2.1 branch
  • Fixed CORE-3231 - OVERLAY() fails when used with text BLOBs containing multi-byte chars.
July 2011

  •  Use the BLR message definition of external procedures and functions.
  • Fixed problems in public headers.
  • Correction and improvement to the config system.
  • Fixed the INSERT INTO ... SELECT bug reported by Ivan Prenosil in fb-devel.
  • Fixed the bug with NOT IN (list) reported by Ivan Prenosil in fb-devel.
  • Restarted the work on the FB/Java plugin.
V2.1 branch
  •  Backported improvement CORE-3433 - Improve GBAK restore performance (records insertion).
August  2011

  • Fixed the padding of external procedure messages.
  • Reworking the FB/Java plugin.
September  2011

  • Reworking the FB/Java plugin.
  • Make easier to use hardcoded messages.
  • Fixed CORE-3601 - Incorrect TEXT BLOB charset transliteration on VIEW with trigger.
  • Correction for future use of UTF-8 metadata.
  • Feature CORE-1288 - Subprocedures in PSQL and EXECUTE BLOCK.
  • Fixed PSQL functions problem (missing EOS).V2.5 branch 
Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
Sao Paulo, Brazil

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