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Developer's Report: Firebird INTL/DSQL Development
May to October 2014

October 2014

  • Working on the new API architecture and implementation (cloop).
  • Fix padding of UNICODE_FSS - complement to CORE-3431 (UTF-8) fix.
  • Verifying regression of message buffers not being cleaned.
  • Fixed CORE-4570 - Wrong error at ALTER PACKAGE.
  • Fixed TCS and fbstuff tests.
  • Verifying inconsistence of package dependencies reported by MartijnTonies.
  • Fixed CORE-4574 - Incorrect result in subquery with aggregate.
  • Verifying problem with openCursor and errors.
September  2014

  • Working on the new API architecture and implementation (cloop).
  • Investigating bug CORE-4543 - Regex with dash/minus after escapedcharacter at the end of range returns error.
  • Fixed CORE-4555 - DDL trigger remains active after dropped.
August 2014

  • Fixed the restore of packaged routines.
  • Working on IUtl and events.
  • Working on the new API architecture and implementation (cloop).
July 2014

  • Review and rework in external routines
  • ISQL: Get rid of warnings and two set of constants chasing the same "number space".
  • Simplification of DDL permissions code.
  • Fixed CORE-4488 - Wrong results of FOR SELECT <L> FROM <T> AS CURSOR <C> and table <T> is modified inside cursor's begin...end block.
  • Helping identifying problems in DDL permissions code.
  • setCursorName in IResultSet rather than IStatement...
  • Improvement CORE-4484 - Description (COMMENT ON) for package procedures and functions, and its parameters.
  • Improvement CORE-4487 - Maintain package body after ALTER/RECREATE PACKAGE.
June  2014

  • Fixed TCS tests.
  • Fixed CORE-4453 - Regression: NOT NULL constraint, declared in domain, does not work.
  • Fixed CORE-4457 - DATEADD should support fractional value for MILLISECOND.
  • Reviewing inconsistence in restore related to security in procedures and functions.
  • Documentation for CORE-4403 - Allow referencing cursors as record variables in PSQL.
  • Fixed CORE-4470 - gbak fails to restore database containing dependency between views and packaged functions.
  • Review and rework in external routines
2.5 branch
  • Fixed CORE-4452 - Can`t create two collations with different names if autoddl=OFF.
  • Fixed CORE-4417 - gbak: cannot commit index ; primary key with german umlaut.
May 2014

  • Feature CORE-4403 - Allow referencing cursors as record variables in PSQL.
  • Fixed CORE-4415 - Useless extraction of generic DDL trigger.
  • Fixed CORE-4425 - User-collations based on UNICODE are not upgrade to newer ICU version on restore.
  • Improvement CORE-4434 - Extend the use of colon prefix for read/assignment OLD/NEW fields and assignment to variables.
Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
Sao Paulo, Brazil
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