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Developer's Report: Firebird INTL/DSQL Development
February to April 2015

April 2015

  • Changes related to CORE-1180: change syntax and semantics to the standard SQL, and also manage RDB$RELATION_CONSTRAINTS records correctly.
  • Fixed (again) CORE-3373 - It is possible to store string with length 31 chars into column varchar(25).
  • Optimize check of column NULLs when changing field or domain to NOT NULL.
  • Fixed CORE-4733 - Command "Alter table <T> alter TYPE <C> <DOMAIN_WITH_NOT_NULL" does not verifies data in column <C> and makes incorrect assignments in <C> to ZERO / JULIAN_DATE / ASCII(0) for types INT, TIMESTAMP and VARCHAR.
  • Fixed CORE-4738 - Command "Alter table <T> alter <C> type <domain_>"does not work: "BLR syntax error: expected valid BLR code at offset 15, encountered 255".
  • Import cloop and integrate it in the posix build.
  • Fixed CORE-2932 - Wrong field position after ALTER POSITION.
  • Fixed CORE-4744 - ALTER DATABASE SET DEFAULT CHARACTER SET: 1) take effect only for once for current attachment; 2) does not check that new char set exists untill it will be used.
  • Build a private utility to help in decompile BLR code to SQL to fix CORE-4725.
  • Fixed CORE-4725 - Inconsistencies with ALTER DOMAIN and ALTER TABLE with DROP NOT NULL and PRIMARY KEYs; Fixed some others problems with trailing spaces in object names in error messages.
  • More fixes for CORE-1605 - Bugcheck 232 (invalid operation) for an aggregated query.
  • Verifying CORE-4749 - SIMILAR TO can raise 'INVALID PATTERN' when 1) connection charset = UTF8 and console is narrow one (dos866 or win1251) and 2) running two separate statements without COMMIT between them
  • Fixed reintroduction of CORE-1379 per Pavel Zotov comment - Invalid parameter type when using it in CHAR_LENGTH function.

March 2015

  • Pascal API, example and UDR.
  • Fixed CORE-4706 - ISQL pads blob columns wrongly when the column alias has more than 17 characters.
  • Added IUtil::formatStatus.
  • Feature CORE-4714 - Aggregate statistical functions stddev_pop, stddev_samp, var_pop and var_samp - contributed by Hajime Nakagami.
  • Started cloop code generation for JNI.
  • Feature CORE-4717 - Aggregate statistical functions COVAR_SAMP, COVAR_POP and CORR - contributed by Hajime Nakagami.
  • Feature CORE-4722 - Aggregate linear regression functions.
  • Rework new aggregate functions so that they use the single blr_agg_function BLR verb.
  • CORE-4725 - Inconsistencies with ALTER DOMAIN and ALTER TABLE with DROP NOT NULL and PRIMARY KEYs ......

February 2015

  • Fixed build bugs with cmake.
  • Fixed UDR examples.
  • Fixed fb_get_database_handle and fb_get_transaction_handle.
  • Setting up FirebirdSQL/core github mirror.
  • Move Helper class from UDR to the main interface header. Use proper ref. counting in the ExternalContext::get* methods.
  • Change API constants to better names: avoid FB, enclosing class (double prefix) or wrong prefixes.
  • Verifying crash with DSqlCursor...
  • Fixed segfault with events and the remote protocol.
  • Use RefPtr::assignRefNoIncr so we can clearly see the code is not going to crash.
  • Make the generated C API work.
  • Support for prefix in the C API (cloop).
Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
Sao Paulo, Brazil
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