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Developer's Report: Firebird INTL/DSQL Development
September 2015 to January 2016
January 2016
  • Discussions about CORE-5062.
  • Fixed CORE-5062 - CHAR_TO_UUID on column with index throws expression evaluation not supported Human readable UUID argument for CHAR_TO_UUID must be of exact length 36.
  • Add missing (GBK, for example) character sets to our ICU data file.
  • Continuing FB/Java plugin development.
December  2015
  • Fixed CORE-5049 - Regression: incorrect calculation of byte-length for view columns.
  • Continuing FB/Java plugin development.
November 2015
  • Continuing FB/Java plugin development.
October 2015
  • Investigation of CORE-4833
  • Fixed CORE-4950 - Statistics for any system index can not be updated/recalculated.
  • Fixed CORE-4954 - The package procedure with value by default isn't called if this parameter isn't specified.
  • Investigation of CORE-4959
  • Restarted the FB/Java plugin. That initially involved learning JNA and Jaybird changes, then write cloop JNA binding generator. It's being committed in and Jaybird changes may be done in
September 2015
  • Fixed possible similar problems to CORE-4497.
  • Improvement CORE-4923 - Add ability to track domains rename in DDL triggers.
  • Fixed CORE-4585 - Can't create column check constraint when the column is domain based.
  • Fixed CORE-4928 - It is not possible to save the connection information in the ON CONNECT trigger, if the connection is created by the gbak.
  • Testing CORE-4748 and CORE-4814 - not reproducible.
  • Testing CORE-4693 and verifying tracker tickets scheduled for RC1.
  • Sub-task CORE-2881 - isql should show packaged procedures and functions categorized per package.
  • Sub-task CORE-2882 - isql needs to process new external routines.
  • Sub-task CORE-2883 - isql needs to extract security for new elements with ACLs.
  • Fixed CORE-4940 - Add label about deterministic flag for stored function in SHOW and extract commands.
  • Fixed CORE-4943 - Dialect 1 casting date to string breaks when in the presence a domain with a check constraint.
  • Fixed FETCH CURSOR (without INTO) after changes for CORE-4929.
  • Fixed CORE-4947 - Compound ALTER TABLE statement with ADD and DROP the same check constraint fails.
  • Fixed CORE-4292 - Server ignores asynchronous (monitoring or cancellation) requests while preparing a query with lot of windowed functions
.Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
Sao Paulo, Brazil
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