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Developer's Report: Firebird INTL/DSQL Development
February to May 2016
May 2016
  • Fixed problems reported by PVS-Studio.
  • Finishing FB/Java 1.0.0-alpha-1.
April 2016
  • Finished fix for CORE-5167 - Allow implicit conversion between boolean and string.
  • Help with CORE-5183.
  • Continuing FB/Java plugin development.
  • Fixed CORE-5193 - Precedence problem with operator IS.
3.0 branch
  • Fixed CORE-5194 - Invalid computed by definition generated by isql -x.
  • Backported fixes for CORE-5167 and CORE-5193
  • Fixed CORE-5220 - ISQL -X: double quotes are missed for COLLATE of CREATE DOMAIN statement when is from any non-ascii charset.
March 2016
  • Continuing FB/Java plugin development.
  • Fixed problems with GCC 6 build.
  • Started fix for CORE-5167 - Allow implicit conversion between boolean and string.
3.0 branch
  • Fixed CORE-5130 - Compiler issues message about "invalid request BLR" when attempt to compile wrong DDL of view with both subquery and "WITH CHECK OPTION" in its DDL.
  • Fixed CORE-5147 - Create trigger fails with ambiguous field name between table B and table A error.
  • Fixed CORE-5153 - Regression: Server crashes when aggregate functions are used together with NOT IN predicate.
  • Fixed CORE-5159 - Regression: engine may throw transliteration errors when running from non-ASCII system path.
  • Fixed CORE-5165 - HAVING COUNT(*) NOT IN ( ) prevent record from appearing in outer resultset when it should be there ( = resultset without nulls).
  • Fixed CORE-5166 - Wrong error message with UNIQUE BOOLEAN field.
February 2016
  • Fixed CORE-5093 - Alter computed field type does not work.
  • Fixed CORE-5089 - Metadata extration (ISQL -X): "CREATE PROCEDURE/FUNCTION"  statement contains reference to column of table(s)
  • that not yet exists if this procedure had parameter of such type when it was created.
  • Fixed CORE-5097 - COMPUTED-BY expressions are not converted to their field type inside the engine.
  • Fixed CORE-5107 - set autoddl off and sequence of: ( create view V as select * from T; alter view V as select 1 x from rdb$database; drop view
  • V; ) leads to server crash.
  • Fixed CORE-2923 - Problem with dependencies with views.
  • Fixed TCS tests.
  • Fixed regression with CORE-1839 after fix for CORE-5097.
  • Continuing FB/Java plugin development.

Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
Sao Paulo, Brazil
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