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Developer's Report: Firebird INTL/DSQL Development
September to December 2016

December 2016

  • Triage for CORE-5414.
  • Fixed CORE-5408 - Result of boolean expression can not be concatenated with string literal.
  • Worked in FB/Java implementation.
  • Fixed CORE-5423 - Regression: "Invalid usage of boolean expression" when use "BETWEEN" and "IS" operators.
  • Fixed CORE-5427 - Error on field concatenation of System tables.
  • Improvement CORE-5431 - Support for DROP IDENTITY clause.
  • Improvement CORE-5430 - Support for INCREMENT option in identity columns.
3.0 branch
  • Fixed CORE-5410 - Dependencies are not stored when using some type of constructions in subroutines.

November 2016

  • Fixed CORE-5404 - Inconsistent column/line references when PSQL definitions return errors.
  • Worked in FB/Java implementation.
3.0 branch
  • Fixed CORE-5390 - ISQL crashes corrupting memory when statement length is greater than 10 MB.
  • Improved DATEADD documentation.

October 2016

  • Reviewed and merged Mariuz cleanup pull requests.
  • Added conflict number information from btyacc to the source tree to be noticed after parser changes.
  • Research on usage of co-routines in EXE subsystem.
3.0 branch
  • Fixed CORE-5367 - Regression: (boolean) parameters as search condition no longer allowed.
  • Fixed CORE-5383 - Dependencies in package not recognised.

September 2016

  • Finished work on feature CORE-3647 - Window Function: frame (rows / range) clause.
  • FB/Java - Create installer for Linux (#7).
  • FB/Java - Allow to set the JVM location in the .conf file (#2).
  • Feature CORE-5346 - Window Function: named window.
  • Removed all KW_ prefixes from parse.y and adds by script TOK_ prefix to all #define tokens generated by btyacc.
  • C++11 support.
3.0 branch
  • Fixed CORE-5341 - User collate doesn't work with blobs.
Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
Sao Paulo, Brazil
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