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Developer's Report: Firebird Security Design & Enhancements/Core Development
December 2009 to February 2010
  1. Moved authentication in security database from engine to remote listener. Get code ready for auth plugins.
  2. Per-database configuration in firebird.
  3. Fixed CORE-2778: SegFault in services when using same handle in different threads
  4. Fixed CORE-2779: User list header is displayed at the end of each returning data call to fbsvcmgr
  5. Fixed an issue, detected during 2.5.0.RC1 QA - a lot of same messages in the log
  6. Fixed an issue, detected during 2.5.0.RC1 QA - bad message when user had no rights to access /tmp/firebird
  7. Fixed issue detected by QA - non-members of group 'firebird' cannot access remote server
  8. Fixed CORE-2807: Problem with tracing on linux
  9. Fixed an issue with gsec compatibility with previous versions
  10. Added switch to nbackup, controlling direct access to database file
  11. Fixed delivery of status vector from service thread
  12. Enhanced fbsvcmgr usage print - list all known switches if -? is specified
  13. Fixed error reporting in nbackup
  14. Introduce isc_dpb_version2 - format is WideTagged.
  15. Fixed regression when missing --prefix switch in configure.
  16. Almost complete freebsd port for FB 2.5 (minor install issues remain).
  17. Once again fixed bugcheck(291) - ancient CORE-195 happened once more in 2.0 due to new reasons.
  18. Status vector format enhancement - always convert arg_cstring to arg_string when saving strings in circular buffer.
  19. Make class InitInstance release objects, created by it.
  20. Fixed CORE-2865: SegFault when superserver is restarted.
Alex Peshkoff
Yaroslavl, Russia
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