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Developer's Report: Firebird Security Design & Enhancements/Core Development
March to July 2010
  1. Removed RootDirectory parameter from firebird.conf and enabled use of vulcan-style macro in it
  2. Make file names comparison case-sensitive on posix platforms
  3. Make config files case-insensitive
  4. Backported fix for CORE-2919: Installation script ignores non-standard ports
  5. Fixed CORE-2921: still miss superclassic support
  6. Use same export symbol lists for all posix platforms, added script building platform-specific format
  7. Backported fix for CORE-2844: Unresolved symbol references when linking fbsvcmgr and fbtracemgr
  8. Fixed CORE-2876: Wrong backup mode when using "alter database add difference file"
  9. Fixed CORE-2926: "make install" fails on linux
  10. Fixed CORE-2859: Security database remains locked after replacing database
  11. Fixed CORE-2928: Buffer overflow in gsec
  12. Cleaned SUPERCLIENT usage in the code.
  13. Fixed CORE-2942: Huge (>10Gb) memory consumption by some fb_inet_server processes
  14. Fixed FBTCS test - new order of columns writing
  15. Fixed CORE-2948: Segfault when server is exiting
  16. Fixed detach from the security database during the engine shutdown.
  17. Cleaned SUPERSERVER usage in the code.
  18. Use fb_smp_server as both superclassic and classic binary on posix (xinetd autodetection is done).
  19. Fixed CORE-2896: Embedded connections done by root (like gbak, gsec, gfix) hang in linux
  20. Cleaned isc_dpb_sys_user_name and related things
  21. Unified user name reported by TraceFailedConnection with the rest of places - thanks to Dmitry
  22. Fixed unregistered bug (added by me at RC3 stage): wrong mutex when shutting down security database
  23. Fixed CORE-2984: gbak -v srv:db stdout creates a broken backup
  24. Fixed CORE-3001: Install fails to create user & group "firebird"
  25. Fixed CORE-3000: Error on delete user "ADMIN"
  26. Fixed CORE-2862: configure --with-fbudf breaks build on CentOS
  27. Fixed CORE-3006: /tmp/firebird and files in it may get 'root' (i.e. GID == 0) group
  28. Fixed build on non-C gpre pas.cpp ada.cpp cob.cpp ftn.cpp
  29. Raise NPROC limit on unix to avoid errors when starting many threads
  30. Fixed and improved diagnostics when thread failed to start
  31. Corrections for CORE-3017
  32. Fixed CORE-3019: Startup failure of SS and SC on linux gentoo
  33. Fixed CORE-3021: Segfault in DEV_BUILD
  34. Mac port - use dispatch semaphores (2.5 and higher required OS 10.6)
  35. Fixed CORE-3046: Assertion after ALTER TABLE
  36. Fixed CORE-3024: Error "no current record for fetch operation" after ALTER VIEW (and a lot of other possible inconsistencies)
  37. Introduced class SharedMemory - base class for everything, using IPC. Related to CORE-3035.
  38. Fixed CORE-3067: Objects not unmapped when shared memory is closed
  39. ODS change: added virtual table SEC$USERS
  40. Fixed unregistred bug (rc3 vs rc2 regression) - races when closing touchThread
  41. Implemented BuildNum and ChangeLog generator for SVN
  42. Made all security database operations to be plugins
Alex Peshkoff
Yaroslavl, Russia
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