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Developer's Report: Firebird Security Design & Enhancements/Core Development
December 2010 to February 2011
  1. Developed new plugin manager. Used it for all types of plugins (trace, external engine, providers, security).
  2. Fixed parts of README documentation to make it better match code.
  3. Fixed CORE-2756: substring from timestamp - unexpected result
  4. Fixed CORE-3297: nbackup exits without info when firebird.conf is missing.
    1. Make all utilities run without firebird.conf - only server requires its presence.
  5. Improved logic and diagnostics in case of i/o error when working with external file.
  6. Cleaned memory manager code - avoid use of negative block size for small blocks.
  7. Now block size is unsigned everywhere in memory manager.
  8. Implement Thread::kill for posix threads.
  9. Fixed CORE-3194: Number of connections to linux superclassic has limit equal 508.
  10. Fixed CORE-3329:Windows administrator gets RDB$ADMIN role when this is not expected.
  11. Draft implementation of specifying non-default security database.
  12. Added detection of library unload by OS when exit() is called, notify plugin manager about it.
  13. Fixed CORE-3377: During firebird build records about missing fbintl.conf are attempted to be placed in firebird.log in destination (not build) directory.
Alex Peshkov
Yaroslavl, Russia
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