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Developer's Report: Firebird Security Design & Enhancements/Core Development
October 2011 to June 2012

Development in trunk:
  1. Make services work correctly with multiple security databases
  2. Added authentication plugins with SRP as default
  3. Fixed races in YValve
  4. Added over the wire encryption plugins with ARC4 as default
  5. Fixed broken multi DB transaction
  6. Lock database file when opening it on posix (support of new cache done by Vlad on posix)
  7. Make all utilities follow same rules when expanding database name
  8. Fixed use of UTF8 strings in services
  9. Added system to UTF8 conversion on non-Windows systems
  10. Make plugins use passed instance of master interface, not one got from fb_get_master_interface(). This helps in case when >1 fbclient libraries are loaded by a process.
  11. Fixed problem with fetch on DDL statement in the remote protocol
  12. Fixed java client login (i.e. full support of legacy protocol)
  13. Implemented encryption of databases
  14. Cross-build support + android port: work in progress, currently can build fbclient for android


Bug fixing and old branches support:
  1. Make services work correctly with multiple security databases
  2. Fixed CORE-3612: gfix-related services may loose error value in status vector in isc_service_start()
  3. Posix-only fix for CORE-3600: temp files fb_query_xxxx remains after ISQL has been closed
  4. CORE-3615: add silent_install target to firebird's Makefile
  5. Added license files to linux packages
  6. Solaris port support - fixed CORE-3607
  7. Helped A.Potapchenko to achieve proper linux build
  8. Fixed CORE-3627: Server crashes with access violation when inserting row into table with unique index
  9. Frontported fix for CORE-3589: Internal shared resource leak. Make trunk work with SystemV semaphores as shared mutexes/events.
  10. Support FbTcs to keep it in sync with development
  11. Fixed CORE-3677: Stop utilities from exporting entrypoints
  12. Fixed CORE-3646: Segmentation fault in Linux
  13. Fixed CORE-3658: FBSVCMGR connects to server as OS user name rather than value of ISC_USER environment variable
  14. Fixed CORE-3724: Server hangs when working with events
  15. Fixed CORE-3727: Support C preprocessor flags in firebird build system
  16. Fixed CORE-3599: Possible drop role RDB$ADMIN
  17. Fixed CORE-3718: Client Library Hangs after unsuccessful connection to remote auxiliary (events) port
  18. Fixed CORE-3732: Segfault when closing attachment to database
  19. Fixed CORE-3733: GBAK fails to fix system generators while restoring
  20. Fixed CORE-3736: WITH LOCK clause is allowed for users with read-only rights on some table, thus blocking others from updating this table
  21. Fixed CORE-3750: Error increasing limits on posix (thanks to Dmitry Starodubov)
  22. Fixed CORE-3762: gsec returns 0 return code on some errors
  23. Fixed CORE-3649: gbak deletes backup file even if error happens when it's already successfully closed
  24. Fixed CORE-3721: Multiuser server startup (/etc/init.d) script picks up the ISC_ variables if set.
  25. Fixed CORE-3770: fbtracemgr loads CPU up to ~55% when no activity is present
  26. Fixed CORE-3859: Too many different dynamic events crash server
  27. Fixed CORE-3769: The message "Unknown tag (4) in isc_svc_query() results" appears when fbtracemgr is interrupted by Ctrl-C
  28. Implemented CORE-3594: Include expected and actual string length into error message
  29. Implemented CORE-2666: Make it possible to use API to do remote backups/restores
  30. Fixed for posix CORE-3875: GBak does not check correctly parameters and backups random database with -B ":"
  31. Improvement CORE-3588: More detail in message "wrong page type"


Alex Peshkov
Yaroslavl, Russia
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