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Developer's Report: Firebird Security and Design Enhancements
February to May 2013
  1. Reworked API to work with SQL statements, including replacement of BLR/SQLDA based API with IMessageMetadata based API and adding explicit ICursor object to fetch data from.
  2. Added sample code, demonstrating new API.
  3. Added IMetadataBuilder, helping to coerce datatypes when opening cursor or even build IMessageMetadata from scratch.
  4. Added operator include to config files.
  5. Made config manager and it's external interfaces work with 64-bit integers.
  6. Added support for boolean values (like 'true' & 'yes') to external config interfaces.
  7. Added macros for main firebird directories like $(dir_sampledb) to config files.
  8. Added support for changing configuration (client and embedded) from API using isc_dpb_config parameter.
  9. Renamed aliases.conf to databases.conf.
  10. Avoid extra atomic operations when assigning pointer to the object with pre-incremented counter (like returned from the function) to reference-counted pointer holder.
  11. Documentation: interfaces & plugins readmes.
  12. Supported FBTCS for trunk.
  13. Fixed CORE-4055: Dialect is not set in internal connections to security database
  14. Fixed CORE-3908: Engine leaks memory and crashes when lot of autonomous transactions have been started and finished
  15. Fixed CORE-3990: Fix broken EDIT in isql
  16. Fixed CORE-4031: make install wrong under Debian Ubuntu 64 (and fixed some unrelated bugs in linux install). That means: moved detection of 64-bit linux library naming style from configure time to install time, making our packages more universal.
  17. Implemented CORE-3575:Support of backup volumes with size more than 4Gb
  18. Fixed CORE-4058 (Security update 1 from 2.1.5 & 2.5.2).
  19. Fixed CORE-3360: update ... returning ... raises -551 (no perm to update) for a column present only in the returning clause
  20. Fixed CORE-3269: When server gets unavailbale, client does not perform detach correctly 
Alex Peshkov
Yaroslavl, Russia
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