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Developer's Report: Firebird Security and Design Enhancements
June to September 2013

Getting ready for Alpha1 release of firebird 3
  • Wrote some samples of object oriented API usage.
  • Fixed posix install and management scripts to make them work for Alpha1 release.
  • Fixed segfault when releasing IMessageMetadata.
  • Restored length of first/second/last names in users' list to 32 characters.
  • Make fb_shutdown() automatically invoked in any OS.
  • Fixed CORE-3942: Restore from gbak backup using service doesn't report an error
  • Fixed CORE-4121: Segfault when engine is shutting down inside blob get/put function invoked from UDF
  • Fixed random segfault when working with attachment-level locks.
  • Postfix for CORE-3935 & CORE-3944: helps avoid segfaults/deadlocks when shutting down firebird
  • Replaced editline with new version, recommended by Frank Schlottmann-Gedde
  • Fixed CORE-4185: FB crashes with "invalid lock id (NNNNN)"
  • Fixed CORE-4211: Embedded engine hangs for 5 seconds when closing
  • Fixed CORE-4219: Regular expressions with double-slash fail in trace
  • Fixed CORE-4163: Make trace use native order of config file keys

Alex Peshkov
Yaroslavl, Russia
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