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Developer's Report: Firebird Security and Design Enhancements
January to April 2014

  1. A number of enhancement to better (more precise) emulate old ISC API over new API
  2. Make isql to use new API
  3. Added a number of functional analogues of old API in new one (like isc_get_version => getFbVersion)
  4. Fixed CORE-4327: Error in QLI when copying NULL blobs between databases
  5. Enhancements in config files parser.
  6. Changed default config files to make them match current state of engine.
  7. MAC port support (together with P.Beach)
  8. Fixed DDL triggers (some did not fire at all, at least in gcc build)
  9. Added mapping of security objects to database specific when attaching to it (CREATE MAPPING)
  10. Implemented CORE-4387: IStatement::execute() and IAttachment::execute() functions should on errorreturn a pointer to old transaction interface
  11. FBTCS support.
  12. Fixed CORE-3242: Recursive stored procedure shouldnt require execute right to call itself
  13. Fixed CORE-2119: Use entries in restrict list of ExternalFileAccess parameter to mangle filenames with relative path
  14. Fixed CORE-4303: Possible races while Service destruction, related code cleanup
  15. Implemented CORE-2208: New gbak option to ignore specific tables data during the backup/restore
  16. Fixed CORE-4395: execute statement on external doesn't find Firebird 2.5 database
  17. Implemented CORE-1377: Add an ability to change role without reconnecting to database
  18. Fixed CORE-4398: Provide ability to specify extra-long name of log when doing gbak to avoid "attempt to store 256 bytes in a clumplet" message

Alex Peshkov
Yaroslavl, Russia
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