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Developer's Report: Firebird Security and Design Enhancements
May to September 2014

  1. Fixed 2.5 port for HP-UX & AIX.
  2. Make brute force attack protection avoid shutdown delay when all logins appear wrong due to closed security database.
  3. Fixed CORE-4435: After calling release() for attachment to database (instead detach) in embedded mode attachment remains active forever (and some cleanup re. reference counters)
  4. Fixed CORE-4461: nbackup prints error messages to stdout instead stderr
  5. Implemented CORE-4462 (Make it possible to restore compressed .nbk files without explicitly decompressing them) for POSIX systems
  6. Fixed CORE-4464: Duplicate tags for CREATE/ALTER USER not handled correctly
  7. Fixed CORE-4468: CREATE USER GRANT ADMIN ROLE does not work
  8. Fixed CORE-4469: Add field in SEC$USERS reflecting whether a user has RDB$ADMIN role in security database
  9. Fixed CORE-4475: attempt to create lock files directory fails during cleanup
  10. Fixed CORE-4477: Field RDB$MAP_TO_TYPE is not present in RDB$TYPES
  11. Fixed CORE-4478: Failures to load provider/plugin not reported
  12. Replaced macro FB_ALIGN with function FB_ALIGN, minor related cleanup
  13. Fixed CORE-4505: Use of named cursor fails if statement was not executed.
  14. Fixed (together with Paul Beach) Darwin port.
  15. Fixed CORE-4506: Firebird server crashes when execute most of "show ..." commands after reconnect
  16. Reworked interface for a status vector.
  17. Implemented CORE-4538: Access rights for CREATE DATABASE operator
  18. Fixed CORE-4557: Avoid access to already freed memory in remote redirector.
  19. 19.Reworked object API (together with Adriano) in order to make it language independent (i.e. not C++ only). Committed only part of this work required to fix API in beta1 - pascal and other include API files will come a bit later.
  20. Generic bugfixing - fixed a lot of bugs (AVs, hangs, etc.) not mentioned separately on the tracker.
  21. Fixed FbTcs some times in order to make it work correctly after adding new features, enhanced named cursor test.
Alex Peshkov
Yaroslavl, Russia
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