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Developer's Report: Firebird Security and Design Enhancements
10 February to April 2015
  1. Bring examples up-to-date, use ThrowStatusWrapper in them thus avoiding need in explicit status checks after each API call.
  2. Fixed AV when closing transaction, bug was detected running TCS.
  3. Minor QLI enhancement - added switch to avoid hangs on error when running TCS.
  4. Avoid need in circular strings buffer inside engine - use dynamic strings in Status interface.
  5. Make status vector have unlimited length - use dynamic buffer for status vector storage.
  6. Always pass clean status vector to API calls (ensures fast errors check after API calls).
  7. Fixed CORE-4698, includes not only mentioned gsec issue but wider range of possible AVs.
  8. Fixed role's handling when checking grant for create database.
  9. Fixed CORE-4719: reporting warning-only status in isql.
  10. Fixed CORE-4731: Prohibit an ability to issue DML or DDL statements on RDB$ tables.
  11. Fixed CORE-4715: Restore of shadowed database fails using -k ("restore without shadow") switch.
  12. Fixed CORE-4743: Granted role does not work with non-ascii username.
  13. Do not let SYSDBA modify structure of system tables.
  14.  Disabled use of system tables in foreign key constraints.
  15. Fixed CORE-4768, was caused by error when putting >64Kb of data into blob in single API call.
  16. Make it possible for DBA-only to NULLify sources of procedures, triggers, etc.
  • Build src & linux packages for 2.5.4.
  • As always take care about TCS bringing tests up-to-date.
Alex Peshkov
Yaroslavl, Russia
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