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Developer's Report: Firebird Security and Design Enhancements
May to August 2015
  1. Fixed CORE-4760: Can not create user with non-ascii (multi-byte) characters in the name
  2. Fixed CORE-4788: Superclassic server hangs when receiving network packet
  3. Fixed CORE-4785: Bad packet of op_execute kills the server
  4. Fixed CORE-4756: Firebird 3 events broken
  5. Fixed CORE-4794: isc_cancel_events returns error invalid events id (handle) if event is (no longer) queued
  6. Fixed CORE-4795: fbclient executes callback function twice
  7. Fixed CORE-4811: Make user names behave according to SQL identifiers rules
  8. Fixed CORE-4821: ensure CREATE DATABASE right is granted only to roles that do exist in security database
  9. Fixed CORE-4831: Revoke all on all from role <R> -- failed with "SQL role <R> does not exist in security database"
  10. Fixed CORE-4836: Grant update(c) on t to U01 with grant option: user U01 will not be able to "revoke update(c) on t from <user | role>" if this U01 do some DML before revoke
  11. Implemented CORE-4851: Apply methods, used for cross security database authentication, to the trace
  12. Fixed CORE-4854: Client library incorrectly handles non-UTF8 representation of international characters in SPB
  13. Fixed CORE-4864: CREATE DATABASE fail with ISQL
  14. Fixed CORE-4869: Segfault when cleaning metadata cache
  15. Fixed CORE-3548: GFIX returns an error after correctly shutting down a database
  16. Postfix for CORE-4811: display in ISQL database, user and role as server sees them
  17. Fixed CORE-4879: Minor inconvenience in user management via services API - fixed required order of parameters in SPB
  18. Fixed CORE-4897: FBSVCMGR can produce broken log when restoring database
  19. Fixed CORE-4911: Providers enumeration should not be continued on most of errors taking place in the provider
  20. Fixed CORE-4899: GFIX -online: message "IProvider::attachDatabase failed when loading mapping cache" appears in Classic (only) if access uses remote protocol
  21. Fixed CORE-4908: Firebird 2.5.3 hangs on simultaneous connection to the Services API and database
  22. Fixed CORE-4890: Placing comment between final `END` of creating SP code and terminal character (^) produces compiling error when tool uses old API
Also fixed a number of bugs that did not get into the tracker for some reason (bug not present in official builds, undocumented feature, etc.).
  1. Make reference counted pointer recursive-call safe
  2. Fixed code disabling access to network filenames in embedded mode
  3. Fixed -s(tandalone) switch in posix server
  4. Make ISQL display character set when sqlda_display is on
  5. Fixed extremely rare segfault when shutting down server - no use in keeping security database(s) opened during shutdown
  6. Fixed regression in gsec - error parameters are reported as garbage
  7. Modified TCS test EVENT_MISC_0: Make test not hang when events delivery is broken
  8. OdbcJdbc project - correct alignment issues for Sun Solaris and HPUX
  9. Added TCS tests for correctness of some interfaces behavior
  10. Enhance info parsing in TCS tests - ensure more stable tests behavior
Porting issues:
  • AIX & HP-UX(ia64) ports for current 2.5 branch - work in progress
Alex Peshkov
Yaroslavl, Russia
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