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Developer's Report: Core Security and Design Enhancements
September to December 2015
  1. Reworked memory pool, including better reusable small blocks, avoiding lists scan when working with medium blocks, allocation of small memory hunks from parent pool when possible and redirection of small extents and medium blocks to parent pool. This makes simple requests to compile without requesting memory from OS keeping reasonable total memory consumption at the same time avoiding performance problem when a lot of medium blocks are needed.
  2. Enhanced memory leaks search - changed FB_NEW to FB_NEW_POOL, plain new to FB_NEW, making allocated with it blocks tagged with file/line. Make related code slightly better readable.
  3. Update samples of interfaces - use IUtil and IXpbBuilder, avoid plain isc_ calls.
  4. Added support for using Pascal to access OO API. Provide to users sample 01 (create database) written on Pascal.
  5. Implemented CORE-4955: Define a new option for DROP SHADOW command to leave the shadow file in the filesystem
  6. Fixed CORE-4951: Message "Incorrect parameters provided to internal function INF_transaction_info Invalid token" is reported when trying to commit 2PC transaction
  7. Fixed CORE-4980: Operator REVOKE can modify rights granted to system tables at DB creation time
  8. Fixed CORE-4969: SEC$USERS table is unavailable in case of any error in any configured user manager plugin
  9. Fixed CORE-4999: Deadlock when trying to access database with invalid crypt key
  10. Fixed CORE-4990: Database is not decrypted completely
  11. Fixed CORE-4991: Key holder plugin is loaded on connect to database but not on create
  12. Fixed CORE-5014: Interrupt of aux connection during TCP setup phase causes unclear error messages in firebird.log
  13. Fixed CORE-5026: Firebird authentication gives up after first common plugin
  14. Fixed CORE-5041: Database may get corrupted after ALTER DATABASE ENCRYPT/DECRYPT issued multiple times per database open time
  15. Fixed CORE-5042: FB3 client cannot create database on FB2.5 server
  16. Fixed CORE-5032: Cannot connect to a database which have own security database without security3.fdb
  17. Fixed CORE-5039: Connecting to service with invalid servicename yields incorrect error message
  18. Fixed CORE-4964: Real errors during connect to security database are hidden by Srp user manager. Errors should be logged no matter what AuthServer is used.
  19. Fixed CORE-5008: add missing cmake files to fb3 linux tarball
  20. Fixed CORE-4842: Installer script fails in some linux environments
  21. Fixed CORE-5053: can mess with configuration
  22. Fixed CORE-5047: mapUser() routine establish secondary attach using wrong provider
  23. Fixed CORE-5056: Write-lock of database file is cleared ("W" disappears from output of lsof ) when remote machine obtains DB header running "fbsvcmgr /port:service_mgr action_db_stats "
Alex Peshkov
Yaroslavl, Russia
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