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Developer's Report: Core Security and Design Enhancements
January to May 2016
FB3 release:
  1. Fixed CORE-5077: ISQL does not show encryption status of database
  2. Fixed CORE-5082: Server does not validate correctness of user/password pair provided in EXECUTE STATEMENT operator
  3. Implemented CORE-5083: Provide method to correcty set offsets in implemented by user IMessageMetadata
  4. Fixed CORE-5088: Segfault when 'gstat -h' is closing
  5. Fixed regression in CryptoManager added after RC1 - avoid reading incorrect header when database is locked by nbackup
  6. Fixed CORE-5044: Pages were encrypted for each shadow separately
  7. Implemented CORE-5100: Improve control over database crypt keys
  8. Fixed CORE-5105: Deadlocks when database is initially encrypted
  9. Fixed some asserts and segfaults in crypto manager. Disable simultaneous nbackup & encrypt/decrypt operation
  10. Fixed CORE-5144: Deadlock when database is encrypted or decrypted under high parallel load
  11. Fixed CORE-5134: Samples of dbcrypt-related plugins contain references to internal files
  12. Updated samples, added sample of exchanging messages using FB_MESSAGE macro, blobs & services.
  13. Fixed CORE-5157: Server goes into infinite loop when data is sent from client to the service in small packets
  14. Fixed CORE-5155: [CREATE OR] ALTER USER statement: clause PASSWORD (if present) must be always specified just after USER
  15. Fixed CORE-5162: SEC$ tables and tag/attributes
  16. Fixed CORE-5184: Assertion in cloop dispatcher when trying to save exception information in status interface
  17. Fixed CORE-5180: Do not require root rights to build linux package
  18. Fixed CORE-5181: Build fails when HAVE_MMAP is not defined
  19. Cleanup and minor enhancement in database crypt example
  20. Fixed CORE-5189: Codes of operation of user management plugin are missing in public API
  21. Written documentation for new API
Bugfixing (both 3 & 4):
  1. Fixed CORE-5203: Single CPU core fully utilized with Trace session
  2. Fixed CORE-5205: Add a switch to build linux binaries with built-in libtommath
  3. Fixed CORE-5201: Return nonzero result code when restore fails on activating and creating deferred user index
  4. Fixed CORE-5244: Wrong error message when trying to execute SELECT statement using isc_dsql_execute_immediate
  5. Fixed CORE-5249: Incorrect use of readlink() system call
Started with FB4 release:
  • Added support for system privileges
Alex Peshkov
Yaroslavl, Russia
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