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Developer's Report: Core Security and Design Enhancements
September to December 2016
Prepared 2 presentations (DB encryption & tuning firebird server for use with multiple security databases) for conference in Prague.
Checked & committed a number pull requests, most are ports to various platforms.

Various enhancements & optimizations
  • Implemented CORE-5204: create an option in the installer to install in different locations than /opt/firebird
  • Added SQL SECURITY clause to various DDL statements (with Roman Simakov)
  • Implemented CORE-5374: Make database name available to crypt plugin
  • Added check for access rights to BLOBs (with Dmitry Starodubov)
  • Performance optimization - avoid additional database attachment from security objects mapping code
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed CORE-5326: encrypting a database crashes host process when background encryption gets ready while no connection is established to that database.
  • Fixed CORE-5355: XpbBuilder fails to create new TPB
  • Fixed CORE-5359: MessageMetadata's getScale returns int and MetadataBuilder's setScale want unsigned
  • Fixed CORE-5379: Regression service API for isc_spb_sts_table
  • Fixed CORE-5384: Plugin manager fails to provide appropriate config information when name of configuration file is set in plugins.conf
  • Fixed CORE-5428: Rare segfault when preparing request working with a table with triggers
  • Fixed CORE-5429: Segfault when attachment is abandoned for some reason during sweep thread startup
  • Fixed CORE-5425: Server hangs under load test
New features in FB4
  • Numerics with precision longer than 18 digits (CORE-4409) - review in separate branch on github, implemented as new datatype decfloat using open source IBM's library for high precision calculations (released under ICU license), needs sorting on decfloat fields.
  • Batch API operations (CORE-820) - in progress, needs final decision on API calls.
Alex Peshkov
Yaroslavl, Russia
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