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Firebird is used by approximately 1 million of software developers worldwide. High compatibility with industry standards on many fronts makes Firebird the obvious choice for developing interoperable applications for homogeneous and hybrid environments.
Developer's Report: Core Security and Design Enhancements
January to April 2017

FB4 development
  • Completed with decimal float datatype. This feature will be (after alpha1 release) extended with Numeric(34, N) datatype which will be implemented on base of decimal float.
  • Batch execution - active development phase, trivial batches (i.e. w/o blobs) may be run in embedded mode. To be completed prior beta1 release.
Bugfixing and support
  • CORE-5442: Enhance control upon ability to share database crypt key between attachments in SS
  • CORE-5472: Fixed problems with dbcrypt key transfer from client
  • CORE-5368: Regression: client application is hang (in same cases throw an access violation in Engine12.dll) on selecting from multiple threads using 1 embedded connection
  • CORE-5452: Segfault when engine's dynamic library is unloaded right after closing worker threads (GC and/or cache writer)
  • CORE-5484: Database on NFS share is unavailable when accessed using mount point path
  • CORE-5458: Connections fail due to dead NFS mount points
  • CORE-5496: Creating SRP SYSDBA with explicit admin (-admin yes in gsec or grant admin role in create user) makes SYSDBA account appear duplicated
  • CORE-5503: Classic server has a maximum of 64 connections when using systemd init scripts
Security issue
  • CORE-5474: 'Restrict UDF' is not effective, because is dynamically linked against libc (it was possible to run under linux any function from C-library, for FB < 3.0 - even w/o specific DB access rights)
Alex Peshkov
Yaroslavl, Russia
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