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Developer's Report: Core Security and Design Enhancements
May to September 2017

Two main tasks are from FB4 roadmap:

  • Support of enhanced precision of calculations - includes both precisions up to 34 in numeric and decimal fields and new FP datatype DECFLOAT(16 or 34). This job is complete (waiting for Dmitry to be back from vacations to mark it in roadmap).
  • Batches. In FB4 the only kind of batches will be implemented - so called "prepared statement batch" that means sending more than single set of parameters when executing statement. In addition to JDBC specifications we support saving detailed per-message error information in multierror mode and (probably most interesting) use of BLOBs in the batch. The fully functional imlementation of IBatch (with documentation) is present in batch branch on guthub. The only problem with it is performance loss for big (around 1000 sets of parameters) batches with BLOBs, I'm fixing it right now. I'm sure branch will be merged to master during two weeks.

Also worked on:

  • fixed deadlock in logins mapping code,
  • fixed bugs related with database encryption,
  • fixed hang after errors during transaction start (together with Dmitry and Vlad),
  • added connection information (compressed / encrypted) to mon$attachments and dbinfo,
  • some other small bugfixes.
Alex Peshkov
Yaroslavl, Russia
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