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Developer's Report: Firebird ADO.NET Data Provider
October 2011 to June 2012

Tracker items solved:
  • DNET-437        Fail to get the data structure with Entity Data Model Wizard
  • DNET-436        Doesn't compile with NET_20 compiler symbol set
  • DNET-435        QueryTableAdapter don`t have a Conection property
  • DNET-434, DNET-312 DB triggers for services connection
  • DNET-433, DNET-312 DB triggers for normal connection
  • DNET-432        JOIN queries return SQL error code -104
  • DNET-431        Configurable Traceoutput
  • DNET-429        select maximum value for a property is borken
  • DNET-427        Query error in Firebird
  • DNET-426        WaitTimeout on transaction options using TimeSpan datatype
  • DNET-423        rdb$field_sub_type for numeric computed column
  • DNET-421        ReleasePreparedCommands method in FbConnectionInternal does not work as expected - does not release resources of all prepared commands upon connection close.
  • DNET-418, DNET-403 Shorter table names for generated queries
  • DNET-417        ProviderManifestToken should be provided even without database
  • DNET-416        FbService.QueryService is conditionally opening connection, but not closing it
  • DNET-415        FbService.StartTask is conditionally opening connection, but not closing it
  • DNET-414        Properties on FbServerProperties/FbSecurity should be methods
  • DNET-413        FbServerProperties is not closing connection
  • DNET-409        Inserting large BLOB field (>500 MB) - System.OutOfMemoryException
  • DNET-408        Connection pool cleanup timer is executed only once because timer is disposed in worker method
  • DNET-406        Culture comparison in FBDataReader
  • DNET-404        Entity Framework produces invalid Firebird query when using INCLUDE and SKIP together
  • DNET-401        System.NullReferenceException: Sessiona finalizada ---> System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  • DNET-394        error while modifying TapedDataset in database there are several foreign keys
  • DNET-389        Recognize #GUID# etc. also for parameters of procedures/functions
  • DNET-385        ALTER VIEW or CREATE OR ALTER VIEW throw exception with FbBatchExecution
  • DNET-383        RECREATE TRIGGER not supported for batch execution
  • DNET-372        FbConnection.GetSchema("ForeignKeyColumns") returns invalid data
  • DNET-357        Firebird Data Provider 2.5.2 and 2.6 with DDEX
  • DNET-352        CREATE OR ALTER EXCEPTION not handled by GetStatementType (implicitly by FbBatchExecution)
  • DNET-324        Application Exception happens instead of FbException when Firebird service is stopped.
  • DNET-316        Null reference exception on fbcommand dispose
  • DNET-312        Database triggers suppresion
  • DNET-298        QueueEvents & CancelEvents in GdsDatabase throws internal IscException when connection is broken
  • DNET-291        NullReferenceException at GdsDatabase.Write(Int32 value)
  • DNET-234        problem with firebird database events
  • DNET-225        Support for trace via service manager
  • DNET-208        Skip clause is ignoring ordering
  • Stability improvements
  • Database triggers
  • Events bug fixes and improvements
  • Preparations for .NET 4.5
  • Released version 2.7.7
  • Tests improvements
Jiri Cincura
Brno, Czech Republic

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