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Developer's Report: Firebird QA Development
April to July 2009
  1. FB 2.1.2 (RC2 and final), 2.1.3, 2.5 Beta 1
  2. Work on QA tool chain:
    1. QA extension package for PowerConsole. It greatly simplifies the QA routine by reducing the number of steps to one third and avoids common errors when setting up the environment. It was tested on Linux, Mac and Windows and it works well on all three platforms.
    2. Number of issues with qmtest suite finally pushed me over the "enough" point. So I ditched the qmtest and the ball of mud that our extensions became and wrote new test engine from scratch. It's based on what we used, just simplified and cleaned. Only stuff that we really need, no more XML, no more multiple test files for various test versions, no special tools necessary.
Now it's possible to write/edit tests with any UTF8-enabled text editor, and the format is quite simple and easy to understand (however I'll write a GUI editor to simplify it).

All tests were converted to new format. The new engine has just about 1000 lines of code in single source file and has no special dependencies beyond FB driver. It handles various character sets flawlessly from beginning. It's zero-configuration application for regular use, might need minimal configuration for advanced options like results archival etc. I have created single .exe version for developers and I also worked on single .exe editor for tests (70% done) in Delphi 7. As there is not really special about it, it should work also on Linux via Wine.
Pavel Cisar
Prague, Czech Republic
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