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Developer's Report: Firebird QA Development
August to October 2009
  1. Firebird 2.5 Beta 2, 2.1.3 and 1.5.6 final releases
  2. QA tool chain consolidation:
    1. Test editor for new test system. It's written in Delphi 2007 and utilizes the Python4Delphi package, so it integrates seamlessly with fbtest itself (you can run tests directly from the editor, uses fbtest to load/save tests etc.).

    2. I also prepared "standalone" distribution with all needed bits of Python embedded (~5MB zip). Although it's a Windows application, there is a solution to work with tests on different platforms as well.

      Test editor itself works great under wine on Linux, however it can talk to Linux server only via Windows client, which is not sufficient. So I implemented a solution that uses RPC. fbtest has a server capability now and you can connect to it from test editor to load, change and run tests through this remote installation. So it's possible to run the editor under wine and test the local Linux FB, or run it in VM or different box for use on more exotic platforms.

      Everything now lives in our SVN, binary distribution packages are in my rabbits area at web server.
    3. Fixed some issues found in tests (created by errors in automatic conversion from QMTest) and few bugs in fbtest itself. Sanitized our tests up to 2.5 Beta 2.
    4. Big sweep (a.k.a. ticket-closing-fest) in the tracker and planning further QA work (QA tracker entries for test developments) from our backlog as we've got a little bit behind. People are creating tickets like crazy and developers are fixing things fast and not everything is easy to check (and often involves more than two FB versions to work with).
Pavel Cisar
Prague, Czech Republic
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