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Developer's Report: QA Stress Testing & Tools Development
November 2014 - January 2015

November 2014
  • Improvements in OLTP-EMUL batch files (parsing of oltp_config.NN files)
  • Implement scripts for running OLTP-EMUL under Linux
  • Run tests for gathering info about FB performance degradation under load (20-200 connections, 360 minutes, FW=ON, v3 SS)
  • Researched concurrent performance with reverted IDs as PK
  • Attempted to to catch error 335545060 ("Missing security context") using special build prepared by Alex
  • Run heavy OLTP-EMUL test: compare performance for FW=ON vs OFF (v3 SS)
  • Investigated performance when database is stored on RAM drive (/dev/shm)
  • Found very slow connection establishing while bulk inserting into table with many 'heavy' indices (depth = 10-12, long varchar fields, page size = 16KB)
  • Investigated CORE-4416 (table with too wide index keys)

December 2014
  • Unable to connect to database when DML with multiple delete+insert statements is running (CORE-4632)
  • Tested fix for CORE-4571 (ICU restore after copying database with UTF8 data from windows to linux host and vice versa)
  • Found firebird.log being polluted with "setsockopt: error setting IPV6_V6ONLY to 0" on Windows XP
  • Attempted to compare U+0418 and U+0419 (cyrillic `I` and `Short I`) using accent insensitive collation: these letters are considered equal but in fact they differ
  • Validated that no bitmap is created for queries with "where exists (select * from T where ... ORDER BY <x>)" when <x> = PK / UK
  • OLTP-EMUL: remove PK constraints from tables which actually do not need them at all
  • Found memory leak in v3 under brute-force attack (CORE-4643)
  • Catched errors "335545060 : Missing security context " and "335544344 : I/O error during "open" operation" for existing database under heavy concurrent DML (CORE-4644)
  • Crash on infinite mutual SP calls instead of error "Too many concurrent executions of the same request" (CORE-4653)
  • Started to learn the FBTEST framework

January 2015
  • OLTP-EMUL: Server hangs when .fdb *and* FIREBIRD_LOCK are on /dev/shm
  • Found poor performance of FULL JOIN of table itself (4 times, on PK field; 100 rows in table) in comparison with MS SQL 2005 XE
  • Found new bug in MERGE statement when INDEX present
  • Misc OLTP-EMUL improvements
  • OLTP-EMUL, 100 connections: several strange messages in firebird.log (some phrases from PSQL call stack, alerts about unable to read from GTT file etc, "page type 4 lock conversion denied"; /O error during "read" operation for file "/var/db/fb30/oltp30.fdb")
  • Wrong result when use "where <field_C> STARTING WITH <:value> ORDER BY <field_N>' and field_C is leading part of compound index key: { field_C, field_N } (CORE-4665)
  • Run OLTP-EMUL on special build provided by Vlad in order to find conditions when 'page N type M lock denied'
  • Select from mon$table_stats doesn`t work on SC and CS (CORE-4668)
  • Validated that CORE-4384 is really fixed (QA test is impossible due to huge database size)
  • OLTP-EMUL: separate branch for investigating how 'pseudo-partitioning' affects the performance
  • Implemented QA regression tests for many old bugs
Pavel Zotov
Moscow, Russian Federation
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