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Firebird is used by approximately 1 million of software developers worldwide. High compatibility with industry standards on many fronts makes Firebird the obvious choice for developing interoperable applications for homogeneous and hybrid environments.
Developer's Report: QA Stress Testing & Tools Development
May - August 2015

May 2015
  • Found / reported bugs: CORE-4740, CORE-4781, CORE-4782, CORE-4783, CORE-4784, CORE-4786, CORE-4787, CORE-4789, CORE-4790, CORE-4792, CORE-4796, CORE-4797, CORE-4798, CORE-4799, CORE-4800, CORE-4801, CORE-4802, CORE-4803, CORE-4806, CORE-4809, CORE-4810
  • Created / modified QA tests for ~120 tracker tickets
  • Several tests for CORE-4760 on Windows and Linux
  • Found inability to connect using ES/EDS with role containing cyrillic characters
  • Benchmark of inserts: 5'000'000 rows, (1) via ES, (2) via direct data specifying, both on FW = OFF, Linux

June 2015
  • Found / reported bugs: CORE-4824, CORE-4831, CORE-4832, CORE-4836, CORE-4839
  • Created / modified QA tests for ~70 tracker tickets
  • Found huge memory consumption when running test with 2048 connections (implemented on Python for CORE-4439)
July 2015
  • Found / reported bugs: CORE-4853, CORE-4855, CORE-4857, CORE-4858, CORE-4860, CORE-4868, CORE-4870, CORE-4873, CORE-4876, CORE-4878, CORE-4880, CORE-4883, CORE-4884, CORE-4885, CORE-4889, CORE-4890, CORE-4891, CORE-4892, CORE-4893, CORE-4894
  • Created / modified QA tests for ~40 tracker tickets 
  • Checked ability to attach to FB services when password containing non-ascii characters
  • Prepared list of compatibility issues 3.0 vs 2.5
August 2015
  • Found / reported bugs: CORE-4897, CORE-4899, CORE-4904, CORE-4914, CORE-4917
  • Created / modified QA tests for ~15 tracker tickets 
  • Benchmarked INSERT speed into GTT vs fixed table, with indexes
  • OLTP-EMUL: started refactoring to have ability to estimate performance effect when workload is distributed on more tables instead of one (partitioning emulation)
  • Bulk inserts: benchmark when table has different kinds of not-null constraints

Pavel Zotov
Moscow, Russian Federation

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