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Firebird is used by approximately 1 million of software developers worldwide. High compatibility with industry standards on many fronts makes Firebird the obvious choice for developing interoperable applications for homogeneous and hybrid environments.
Developer's Report: QA Stress Testing & Tools Development
January - May 2016

January 2016
  • Found / reported bugs: CORE-5066, CORE-5071, CORE-5072, CORE-5075, CORE-5076, CORE-5079, CORE-5080, CORE-5087, CORE-5088, CORE-5089, CORE-5094
  • Created / modified QA tests for ~50 tracker tickets
  • Detected unstable (contradictory) results for bugs.core-3323 on some builds
  • Tested database encrypt / decrypt plugin under heavy DML load
  • OLTP-EMUL development and test runs
February 2016
  • Found / reported bugs: CORE-5095, CORE-5096, CORE-5097, CORE-5098, CORE-5106, CORE-5107
  • Created / modified QA tests for ~30 tracker tickets
  • Tested database under heavy DML load (OLTP-EMUL) + nbackup loop
  • OLTP-EMUL development and test runs
March 2016
  • Found / reported bugs: CORE-5130, CORE-5144, CORE-5153, CORE-5155, CORE-5165, CORE-5172, CORE-5179
  • Created / modified QA tests for ~70 tracker tickets 
  • Started adjusting regression tests for Linux
  • Multiple test runs to validate the cursor stability feature
  • OLTP-EMUL: run test on 3.0 ClassicServer, with encryption/decryption loop, 100 connections
  • OLTP-EMUL: update batches to support FB 4.0
  • OLTP-EMUL: benchmark 2.5.3 vs 2.5.5, Classic (performance regression detected on 2.5.5 under heavy workload)
  • Prepared fdb + fbtest wishlist (discuss with Pavel Cisar)
April 2016
  • Found / reported bugs: CORE-5190, CORE-5193, CORE-5206, CORE-5207, CORE-5209, CORE-5217, CORE-5220, CORE-5221
  • Created / modified QA tests for ~50 tracker tickets
  • Implemented test for deep validation of CORE-5179
  • Implemented test based on the OLTP-EMUL metadata
  • Continued adjusting regression tests for Linux
  • Revised list of 3.0 vs 2.5 compatibility issues
May 2016
  • Found / reported bugs: CORE-5250, CORE-5251
  • Created / modified QA tests for ~40 tracker tickets
  • Prepared OLTP-EMUL for running on Amazon Web Service
  • OLTP-EMUL (posix): added timestamps and timediff for each report that is done finally
  • OLTP-EMUL: test run with 100...1000 attachments, database size = 100 GB
Pavel Zotov
Moscow, Russian Federation

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