For the Firebird 4.0 version, the Firebird 3.0 Language Reference was taken as the base, and Firebird 4.0 information was added based on the Firebird 4.0 Release Notes and feature documentation.


Direct Content
  • Dmitry Filippov (writer)

  • Alexander Karpeykin (writer)

  • Alexey Kovyazin (writer, editor)

  • Dmitry Kuzmenko (writer, editor)

  • Denis Simonov (writer, editor)

  • Paul Vinkenoog (writer, designer)

  • Dmitry Yemanov (writer)

  • Mark Rotteveel (writer, editor)

Resource Content
  • Adriano dos Santos Fernandes

  • Alexander Peshkov

  • Vladyslav Khorsun

  • Claudio Valderrama

  • Helen Borrie

  • and others