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Firebird 3.0 Developer's Guide

Release 1.0

Denis Simonov


Author of the written material and creator of the sample project on five development platforms, originally as a series of magazine articles


Dmitry Borodin

Translation of original Russian text to English (MegaTranslations Ltd)


Helen Borrie

Editor of the translated text


17 October 2018, document version 1.001


This volume consists of chapters that walk through the development of a simple application for several language platforms, notably Delphi, Microsoft Entity Framework and MVC.NET (“Model-View-Controller”) for web applications, PHP and Java with the Spring framework. It is hoped that the work will grow in time, with contributions from authors using other stacks with Firebird.

Table of Contents

1. About the Firebird Developer's Guide
About the Author
2. The examples.fdb Database
Database Creation Script
Creating the Database Objects
Saving and Running the Script
Loading Test Data
3. Developing Firebird Applications in Delphi
Starting a Project
TFDConnection Component
Path to the Client Library
Connection parameters
Working with Transactions
TFDCommand component
Creating the Primary Modules
Creating a Secondary Module
The Result
Source Code
4. Developing Firebird Applications with Microsoft Entity Framework
Methods of Interacting with a Database
Setting Up for Firebird in Visual Studio 2015
Creating a Project
Creating an Entity Data Model (EDM)
Creating a User Interface
Working with Data
Secondary Modules
Working with Transactions
The Result
Source Code
5. Creating Web Applications in Entity Framework with MVC
The .NET Frameworks
The ASP.NET MVC Platform
Software Stack
Creating a Project
Creating an EDM
Creating a User Interface
Adapting the Controller to jqGrid
Creating a UI for Secondary Modules
Authorizing Access to Controller Methods
Source Code
6. Developing Web Applications with PHP and Firebird
Interfacing PHP and Firebird
Choosing a Framework for Building a Web Application
Installing Laravel
Creating a Project
Creating Models
Creating Controllers and Configuring Routing
The Result
7. Creating an Application with jOOQ and Spring MVC
Organising the Folder Structure
Coding the Configuration
Start-up Code—WebInitializer
Generating classes for jOOQ
Dependency Injection
Creating SQL Queries Using jOOQ
Working with Transactions
Writing the Application Code
Creating the Primary Modules
Creating Secondary Modules
The Result
A. License notice
B. Document History

List of Figures

2.1. Model of the examples.fdb database
3.1. TFDConnection property editor
3.2. TFDUpdateSQL property editor
3.3. TFDUpdateSQL SQL command editor
3.4. dCustomers datamodule
3.5. Customers form, initial view
3.6. The Invoice form tab
3.7. The Invoice data module tab
3.8. The Customer input form
3.9. Screenshot of the sample application
4.1. Choose data source for testing installation
4.2. Locate a database
4.3. Test and confirm the connection
4.4. Solution Explorer—>select NuGet packages
4.5. Select and install packages from NuGet catalogue
4.6. Solution Explorer - Add—>New Item
4.7. Add New Item wizard - select ADO.NET Entity Data Model
4.8. Add New Item wizard - select 'Code First from database'
4.9. Add New Item wizard - choose Connection
4.10. Add Connection wizard - Connection properties
4.11. Add Connection wizard - Advanced connection properties
4.12. EDM wizard - connection string storage
4.13. EDM wizard - select tables and views
4.14. A form for the Customer entity
4.15. Customer edit form
4.16. Invoice form
4.17. Product form
4.18. The result of the Entity Framework project
5.1. Interaction between M-V-C parts
5.2. Create the FBMVCExample project
5.3. Change authentication setting
5.4. Disable authentication for now
5.5. Select Manage NuGet Packages
5.6. Select packages for installing
5.7. Configuring connection string storage
5.8. Select Add—>Controller
5.9. Creating a controller (1)
5.10. Creating a controller (2)
5.11. Customer list view
5.12. A customer selected for editing
6.1. Invoices display
6.2. Invoice editor
7.1. Folder structure for the template-based project
7.2. Restarting the POM from NetBeans
7.3. Selecting a customer for invoicing
7.4. Editing an invoice header
7.5. Editing an invoice line
7.6. Selecting a product for an invoice line

List of Tables

3.1. TFDConnection component main properties
3.2. TFDTransaction component main properties
3.3. TFDQuery component main properties
3.4. TFDUpdateSQL component main properties
3.5. TFDCommand component main properties
5.1. Basic Structure of the MVC Project
6.1. Comparing the Firebird/InterBase and PDO Drivers
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