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Documentation for Firebird docwriters

Table of Contents

Getting and building the Firebird manual module
Introduction: Purpose of this Howto – Intended audience
Getting the manual module from SourceForge
Building the Firebird docs
Keeping your manual module up to date
If things go wrong
Advanced topic: Improving the PDF
Firebird Docwriting Guide
Where the docmakers meet
Picking a subject
Preparing to write: make an outline!
DocBook XML – an introduction
DocBook XML authoring tools
Setting up your DocBook doc
Elements we use frequently
Language and style
Copyright issues
Adding your document to the manual module
Publishing your document on the Firebird website
Using non-Western fonts in your Firebird docs
How the PDF is created
Step 1: Find the fonts you need
Step 2: Override the stylesheet fonts
Step 3: Create metrics files
Step 4: Create a FOP userconfig file
Step 5: Build the PDF and commit your work
Firebird VPN Docwriter's Guide
Obtaining And Installing VPN

List of Tables

1. Format of XML tags
2. poll: Database of the year 2003
3. An HTML-style table

List of Examples

1. An SQL example
Firebird Documentation Index
Firebird Documentation Index