The first full language reference manual for Firebird would not have eventuated without the funding that finally brought it to fruition. We acknowledge these contributions with gratitude and thank you all for stepping up.

Sponsors and Other Donors

Sponsors of the Russian Language Reference Manual
Sponsors of the Translation Project
Other Donors

Listed below are the names of companies and individuals whose cash contributions covered the costs for translation into English, editing of the raw, translated text and conversion of the whole into the Firebird Project’s standard DocBook 4 documentation source format.

Integrity Software Design, Inc. (U.S.A.)

dimari GmbH (Germany)

beta Eigenheim GmbH (Germany)

KIMData GmbH (Germany)

Jason Wharton (U.S.A)

Trans-X (Sweden)

Sanchez Balcewich (Uruguay)

Cointec Ingenieros y Consultores, S.L. (Spain)

Aage Johansen (Norway)

Mattic Software (Netherlands)

André Knappstein (Germany)

Paul F. McGuire (U.S.A.)

Marcus Marques da Rocha (Brazil)

Martin Kerkhoff

Thomas Vedel (Denmark)

Bulhan Bulhan (Australia)

Alexandre Benson Smith (Brazil)

Guillermo Nabrink (Brazil)

Pierre Voirin (France)

Heiko Tappe (Germany)

Doug Chamberlin (U.S.A.)

Craig Cox (U.S.A.)

OMNet, Inc. (Switzerland)

Alfred Steller (Germany)

Konrad Butz (Germany)

Thomas Smekal (Canada)

Carlos H. Cantu (Brazil)


Laszlo Urmenyi (Brazil)

Fernando Pimenta (Brazil)

Rudolf Grauberger (Germany)

Thomas Steinmaurer (Austria)

Rene Lobsiger (Switzerland)

Hian Pin Tjioe

Xavier Codina

Mick Arundell (Australia)

Russell Belding (New Zealand)

Anticlei Scheid (Brazil)

Luca Minuti (Italy)

Mark Rotteveel (Netherlands)

Chris Mathews (U.S.A.)

Hannes Streicher (Germany)

Wolfgang Lemmermeyer (Germany)

Paolo Sciarrini (Italy)

Acosta Belzusarri

Daniel Motos Guerra

Alberto Alfonso Luna

Simeon Bodurov

Cees Meijer

Robert Nixon

Olivier Dehorter (France)

András Omacht (Hungary)

Web Express

Sergio Conzalez

Marc Bleuwart

Gabor Boros

Shaymon Gracia Campos

Cserna Zsombor (Hungary)

David Keith

Uwe Gerold

Daniele Teti (Italy)

Pedro Pablo Busto Criado

Istvan Szabo

Spiridon Pavlovic

J. L. Garcia Naranjo

A. Morales Morales

Helen Cullen (New Zealand)

Francisco Ibarra Ozuna