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General Notes

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Patch Release 2.1.4
Patch Release 2.1.3
Patch Release 2.1.2
Patch Release 2.1.1
Bug Reporting
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Firebird 2.1 is a full version release that builds on the architectural changes introduced in the V.2.0 series. Thanks to all who field-tested the Alphas and Betas during 2007 and the first quarter of 2008 we have a release that is bright with new features and improvements, including the long-awaited global temporary tables, a catalogue of new run-time monitoring mechanisms, database triggers and the injection of dozens of internal functions into the SQL language set.

Patch Release 2.1.4

As usual with patch releases, this sub-release fixes bugs addressed since the previous patch release. During the 18 months that have passed since Firebird 2.1.3, this latest release takes benefits from some improvements deriving from the ongoing development of forward full release versions.

Additions in this Sub-release

The Linux/sh4 (Renesas SH) platform is now supported.

By N. Iwamatsu, A. Peshkov. Details, see tracker ticket CORE-2655.


  • The optimizer now estimates the actual record compression ratio.

    By D. Yemanov. Details, see tracker ticket CORE-3295.

  • On Windows, the XNET_CONNECT_TIMEOUT in xnet.h has been made user-configurable.

    By D. Yemanov. Details, see tracker ticket CORE-2769.

  • Memory consumption of <page size> bytes for each temporary blob is now avoided.

    By A. dos Santos Fernandes. Details, see tracker ticket CORE-1658.

  • When checking privileges, more information is available about the table that a column belongs to.

    By A. Peshkov. Details, see tracker ticket CORE-1234.

Bugs Fixed

A large number of bug fixes has been performed. These are detailed in the first section of the accompanying Bug Fixes document for Firebird 2.1.x.

About These Notes

Editions of the v.2.1 release notes are merged with the notes developed over the course of developments and releases from V.2.0 to this v.2.1.x release. Note that the separate v.2.0.x documentation is not distributed with the v.2.1 binaries.

The Installation, Migration/Compatibility and Bug Fixes sections have been removed from the release notes document and are now distributed in the $fbroot$/doc/ subdirectory as separate documents. Like the release notes, they cover both the v.2.0.x and v.2.1 release series.

To help smoothe the transition from older versions, it will be essential to study both the release notes and the migration/installation guide thoroughly. We encourage you to take your time testing this release with your applications and stressing it with real-world data and loads. Some legacy queries might not work, or might not perform as they did previously, due to a number of logic corrections that have been implemented. Temporary workarounds for legacy applications in such situations are available in some cases. We prefer that you research such issues in the documentation before you consider posting support questions or bug reports about them.

From the QA Team

Although this is a designated stable release, intended for production environments, it does introduce much that is new. We encourage you to see what you can achieve with these new features and let us know about any deficiency, sooner rather than later.

You are enthusiastically invited to post to the firebird-devel list good descriptions of any bugs or beasts you encounter, or post bug reports directly to our Issue Tracker. Regular sub-releases will follow, whose quality and timeliness depend heavily on the reports that come in “from the field”.

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